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“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” This age-old cliché has proven true in life and in business, but not for much longer in some cases. The use of advanced technology has transformed the way businesses operate. Many situations that used to be considered trade-offs have become win-win scenarios, as businesses realize that they can actually have it all. Historically, business have had to choose either high quality or high quantity, either quick mass-production or customization, either customer-centric or profit-centric. What if businesses could accomplish all of the above without the trade-offs? The healthcare industry has come close and some would argue that it has reached this point already. Intelligent technology renders the impossible possible and Phytel has delivered it to the healthcare industry.

Phytel, an IBM company, provides health care organizations with state-of-the-art technology to deliver timely and coordinated care to their patients. With Phytel’s technology and services, clinics can track health records, design individualized care plans, and track individual medical needs of thousands of patients simultaneously. This healthcare technology also allows clinics to modify health care plans, track patient compliance, and deliver customized reminders to thousands of patients, all with a few clicks of a mouse. Clinics that use it have seen significant increases in quality of patient care and in profit.


Healthcare Technology & Data: The Dream Team

How does healthcare technology drive patient care and profit? Phytel’s technology collects data on patients. It then uses evidence-based chronic and preventive care protocols to identify and notify patients due for care, track their compliance, measure quality of care, and measure financial results for clinics using the technology. For example, say a doctor examines a patient and finds that several risk factors for diabetes are present in the patient. The doctor would input this information into a computer. The programs would then interpret the data, analyze it, and note that the patient is at risk for diabetes. The patient would be placed on a preventative care plan that would remind the health clinic and the patient of tests, checkups, and any medical care the patient may need to ensure he/she does not develop diabetes. The system would ensure the patient’s compliance with his/her healthcare plan by delivering customized timely reminders to the patient via phone, email, and direct mail. Then, the programs would track the patient and the clinic’s compliance with this care plan. It would also track the results of the patient’s health checkups to see whether the preventative care has worked and the patient has succeeded in avoiding diabetes.

This healthcare technology is not only useful in preventative care. It is also a benefit in more urgent care situations and with healthy patients who just need regular annual checkups. Aside from patient care, Phytel’s programs improve workflow and efficiency among employees at medical clinics. It allows healthcare providers to treat more patients and deliver higher quality treatment, which results in better healthcare for patients and increased profit for clinics.


Phytel’s Success: Great Technology Meets Great Content

Phytel’s state-of-the-art technology is good enough to sell itself, right? While the layperson may believe that a revolutionary product should sell itself, marketers know that nothing sells itself. It’s relatively easy for an eyebrow-raising product to go virtually undetected without an appropriate marketing strategy. Phytel has that, and so much more. The company’s noteworthy success proves it all.

Phytel began as a small startup technology company and grew significantly. The company became successful and strong enough to attract the attention of IBM, which aimed to expand its involvement in the healthcare industry. IBM recently acquired Phytel and is reaping significant benefits from it. How did Phytel, a small startup tech company, manage to achieve such noteworthy success? The answer is in the marketing strategy. Again, Phytel’s products and keen understanding of the healthcare industry were necessary in the recipe for success, but not sufficient by themselves and without well-designed marketing strategies.


Learning from Phytel’s Success

Phytel’s sophisticated automated content marketing plan has been a key driver of the company’s success. Guy Mansueto, Vice President of Marketing at IBM Watson Health, will explain this content marketing plan to marketers in more detail at AMA Tampa Bay’s upcoming event on October 8, 2015. Mansueto is a marketing expert with 20 years of experience in brand management, product positioning, product launch management, marketing research, integrated marketing communications, advertising, and promotional campaigns. He will explain how B2B organizations can build and staff an infrastructure roadmap for a content marketing machine. He will offer insight on where to align personalized engagement across content marketing strategies and will explain which metrics matter most to demonstrate marketing results using marketing automation.

High quality content is nothing without a well-thought-out content plan and a well-designed method of executing the plan, regardless of the company and the industry. Mansueto’s advice will be transferable to other organizations and could give any company a competitive edge. For those of you who are unable to attend the event, visit our blog next week for an event recap, which will offer details about the event and actionable insight from Mansueto.


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