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The Power to Make an AMAzing Difference

By Amanda Ward | September 30, 2021

By Qiana Cressman and Amanda Ward Greetings AMA Tampa Bay Community, As your 2021-22 president, I promise to help support and grow our AMAzing Tampa Bay marketing community. The time…

Stress from brain block

Where to Begin? Getting through Brain Block

By Rachel Wichlacz | July 5, 2021

Creating content, especially on the scale many businesses are doing now, can be exhausting. What do you do when you feel like you just can’t anymore? Here are 4 tips…

AMA Tampa Bay Announces New President, Board of Directors for 2021-2022

By Hussain Shamseddine | June 30, 2021

Tampa, FL – The Tampa Bay chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) has announced its new board of directors and president for the 2021-2022 board term. The new board features…

Marketing 2021: Companies in Tampa Talk Trends, Challenges & The City They Love

By Cliff Craig | May 5, 2021

If there is any question as to whether digital marketing is important in 2021, the answer seems evidenced by the fact that global digital marketing spend is expected to reach…


By Michael Lorenzo | April 25, 2021

Grammar is extremely important when writing anything—from an email to a business proposal. Even simple mistakes can make you come across as unknowledgeable or unprofessional. Here are a few simple…

The Voice Era of Content Creation

By Scarlett Lopez | April 1, 2021

Youtube tutorials, Tik Tok, and Instagram reels have recently shown us the power of video, but is video our only go-to for content creation?  What is ClubHouse? Clubhouse is an…

Creative Testing in Direct Mail

By Cliff Craig | February 2, 2021

After taking a break from our regularly scheduled content to adjust to the changing working environment, we are back in 2021 and ready to resume our series of articles on…

2021 Digital Marketing Trends

By Scarlett Lopez | December 10, 2020

As the year 2020 is almost over (hard to believe right?), our attention shifts to goals and objectives for the year ahead. In order to stay competitive, we need to…

Why UX & Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

By Scarlett Lopez | October 26, 2020

What is UX?  Let’s begin by defining what UX is. UX stands for user experience. It focuses on empathizing and enhancing the end-user experience by finding appropriate solutions to their…

The Podcast World for You & Your Business

By Scarlett Lopez | August 26, 2020

Picture this: You wake up, do your morning routine, make coffee, sit at your desk (or wherever your workspace is) and stare at a screen for 8+ hrs. Does this…