Social Influencer Marketing and Why It’s On The Rise

Social Influencer Marketing and Why It’s On The Rise Last year, influencer marketing was one of the top social trends, with its growth expecting to increase in the next year. Research shows that influencer marketing can create up to a 960% return on investment, but this is really dependent on the successful execution of an

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Why Everyone Needs a Social Media Strategy

Why Everyone Needs a Social Media Strategy   Among all age groups, people aren’t just connecting with their friends and family on social media anymore. Two-way communication between people and brands has occupied a large part of the social media landscape. Almost two-thirds of U.S. adults use Facebook, and three-quarters use YouTube. The growing use

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How Much Do Marketers Make in 2018?

How much do Marketers make in 2018? Take a look at this article that looks at salaries of Marketers in 2018, and shows how the industry is changing and growing.  

Should I add my LinkedIn URL on my Resume?

Today, people are walking into job fairs with their resumes in hand as usual, but with a very different approach. Recruiters are now looking for LinkedIn URLs on the resumes of potential employees. Why? LinkedIn is a tool that gives people the opportunity to go in-depth about what they have written on their resumes. Imagine

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The Importance of Building Your Brand

Branding on a business level is common, but branding has become just as important on a personal level. You may be working in a business-to-business corporation, but ultimately these businesses are people working together, and that is what makes relationships valuable. Personal branding includes marketing yourself and your career as a brand.   Building a

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How To Effectively Reach Millennials

Marketers continuously adapt their strategies to attract different segments of consumers, but there is one particular segment that gives marketers a harder time: millennials. It’s no secret that millennials are a difficult group to market to, as their behaviors and ways of thinking differ from other generations. Millennials are known for wanting products, services, and

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Interview Attire: Have the Dress Code Rules Changed?

Once upon a time, landing a job interview meant picking out your best suit – or running to the store to purchase a brand new one. In the past, there was no straying from this traditional look or one would most likely be considered unprofessional. Conventional methods say “dress for the job you want, not

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AMA Tampa Bay “Marketer of the Year” Event

For third consecutive year, Tampa Bay’s American Marketing Association will be presenting its Marketer of the Year Awards. The MOY Awards aim to recognize and celebrate marketers within the Tampa Bay community that had outstanding campaigns throughout the previous year of 2017. Marketing is a very complex field that combines creativity, statistics, and strategic thinking.

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5 Ways to Differentiate Yourself in an Over-Saturated Blogging Environment

Blogging- a term that had been lightly used to describe a hobby in the past, has now become a legitimate, monetized business. Increasing user-friendly blogging sites and a digitally obsessed culture has created an over-saturated space for bloggers. While it’s never been easier to start a blog, standing out has become harder than ever. Individual

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Facebook Algorithm Change

Mark Zuckerberg’s Head Is On Fire (But Facebook Isn’t Dead)

Most of us have seen the doomsday articles about Facebook in the past few months and pictures of Mark Zuckerberg’s head on fire. What does this mean for us as marketers? “Something’s rotten in the state of Facebook.” “Something’s rotten in the state of Facebook.” (Shakespeare, anyone?) The drama surrounding Facebook’s newest algorithm change (explained

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