New Mediums of Marketing to Children

Children’s interests change frequently, and marketers know they must be able to keep up with new trends and stay on top of the competition. Traditionally, the largest and most popular medium for marketing to children is through television. However, new mediums are beginning to take hold and are becoming increasingly popular for reaching the younger crowd.

Here are some of the best new mediums for marketing to children:

Social Media. Roughly 70 percent of people age 14 to 24 use social media networks or websites. This makes it an ideal medium for reaching out to a younger target audience. Brands or companies can use contests and promotions on social media sites to encourage young people to explore and “interact” with the brand. This may even lead to word-of-mouth marketing if they refer their friends to a particular page or profile on a social network site.

Product Placement. Marketers have long used product placement to call attention to their brand or company. Product placement can be as casual as having a teen actor drink Coca-Cola in a movie or as detailed as placing a Sony laptop in the graphics of a video game. In marketing to children, product placement in video games, television shows, music videos and song lyrics can be effective.

In Schools. There are many opportunities for marketing in schools. Marketing can range from sponsoring a sports team to having your logo in the stadium or on the scoreboard. Other examples include marketing on vending machines and through school fundraisers.

Internet Ads. Children, teens and young adults are the biggest group of Internet users. Internet advertising can be as simple as running a banner ad. More advanced approaches to Internet marketing include popups, games that incorporate ads and online videos.

Buzz Marketing. Buzz marketing is similar to traditional word-of-mouth marketing. Buzz marketing is done by getting a popular person to wear or use your brand, blog about your brand or promote it in some other way. It is also referred to as street marketing. If an influential person is using your brand, other people may notice and also take interest in your brand or product. Children may be interested in a product or service if someone they look up to or admire is using it.

Mobile. Most teens send nearly 3,000 texts a month, so why not use it in your marketing strategy? Mobile marketing can range from simple text messages to QR codes on product packaging, location-based advertising and customer loyalty programs.

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