Membership Drive: AMA Tampa Bay Leaders Speak About What Membership Means to Them


One of the main purposes of AMA, like most professional associations, is to offer professional benefits to members by connecting them with one another. While all AMA Tampa Bay members belong to the same professional association, they can benefit for very different reasons, depending on their career goals. AMA Board members offered insight into the benefits AMA Tampa Bay provides them:


Doug Engel, VP of Collegiate Relations: “I’m happy and proud to have served on the Board of AMA Tampa Bay as VP of Collegiate Relations since 2011. I have found that being a volunteer has greatly enriched my experience as an AMA member.  It is great to work with the next generation of great marketers in the three local Collegiate Chapters that AMA Tampa Bay supports: the University of South Florida, the University of Tampa, and St. Leo University.  These students are a constant source of pride and inspiration.  They truly represent the best and brightest and continue to impress me year after year with their knowledge, skills, and dedication to their future professions.

In addition to working with the students, I have also found it to be wonderful to work with the extremely talented group of people who have served with me on the Board and who volunteer and attend our luncheons.  It is very motivating to work and be around people who truly understand the value of all aspects of the marketing profession.  I’ve learned so much by interacting with people whose skills include direct marketing, marketing research, web design, graphic arts, social media, etc.

In addition to learning from them and becoming a more skilled marketer, I now have a network of proven professionals who can help my clients. This makes me a more valuable resource to my customers. I also find the continuing education I receive from attending AMA Tampa Bay events and the resources on the AMA website to be a great help for my career. They help me stay up to date on current and future marketing trends.  I have joined several organizations throughout my career, but I feel the AMA is by far the best fit for me.”


Scott Morath, VP of Communications: “AMA Tampa Bay is like most other professional associations in that you get out of it what you put into it. When I joined just over a year ago, I made it a point to get involved as much as I could and contribute wherever there was a need. In turn, I’ve been able to broaden my network and engage with the local business community in a very meaningful way. It has also allowed me to tap into a pool of resources not available to me heretofore, which has been a huge benefit. I recommend membership to any serious marketer or local area business professional. I would go one step further and say, don’t just join but get involved – you’ll be glad you did.”


Chris Bush, President AMA Tampa Bay – “The value I receive as an AMA member is immense.  AMA offers an incredible amount of educational opportunities, both online and from events. There are also extensive amounts of networking opportunities available, but I passionately believe that the best way to maximize the value of a membership is to get involved. This is where the magic happens and you have the opportunity to work and bond with the some of the top marketing professionals in the Tampa Bay area. Establishing these lifelong relationships has benefitted me both personally and professionally.”


Glenn Zimmerman, President-Elect: “AMA Tampa Bay has been an amazing way to connect with the local business community. This has helped drive business, but more importantly, AMA has helped to shape those community-based relationships that make living where you live so vital.”


Cherlyn Warner, Board Secretary: “Being a part of the AMA Tampa Bay community is a rewarding experience for me in terms of connecting with like-minded marketing professionals, staying abreast of the latest trends, and staying in touch with those who are hiring or looking to hire in Tampa Bay. It’s always good to stay connected.  It’s a privilege to meet new people every month who are making a difference in the marketing community.”


Shanna Kurpe, VP of Programming (Incoming): “From winning new business to making lifelong friends, you cannot put a price tag on the value that AMA provides. I’ve shared Rijsttafel in the Netherlands with a former AMA board member! I’ve toured the streets of Budapest with one of my programming volunteers. I’ve won several new business opportunities from my AMA connections and I’ve formed strategic partnerships with other member companies. AMA delivers both personal and professional benefits, and that is why I am a member.”


Andrea Neiman, VP of Sponsorship: “Joining AMA Tampa Bay was one of the first things I did to get involved in the professional business scene when I moved to Tampa Bay. That first program included an incredibly interesting discussion with truly engaged audience members sharing thoughts and questions about legal issues that marketers encounter. The programming has kept me coming back and friendly faces make events enjoyable.”


Lisa Lawn, VP of Membership: “When I first joined AMA Tampa Bay, I did so with the intention of meeting a few like-minded people and enjoying a few AMA events. I didn’t realize the dedication and depth of the people who volunteer willingly to put on these events and to grow this amazing chapter of marketing professionals. When I was asked to volunteer, I did so, perhaps reluctantly at first, but I can unequivocally state that this has been a great personal development journey as well. I have gotten to know some amazing marketing professions who I consider true friends, and I can’t recommend membership enough.”


Something for Everyone

AMA Tampa Bay serves different purposes for each of its leaders, and other members enjoy the same benefits. Our members join to expand their knowledge, gain strategic partnership opportunities, and connect with potential clients, employees, and employers. Some have even made life-long friends in the process. All members can benefit from any level of involvement with AMA Tampa Bay. However, one fact rings true: Those who are most involved tend to benefit most because they often form more connections and stronger ties with other members. That being said, all marketers and all commitment levels are welcome. If you are interested in joining, register on our site and explore the professional opportunities that await you!