Member Spotlight: Ashley Carl

AMA Tampa Bay’s Member Spotlight:

Ashley Carl, Executive Director of College Relations at Hillsborough Community College

A monthly feature for our members to learn from the insight and experiences of other members

Ashley Carl

Ashley, what is your professional background and current position?

AC:  Previously served as a Special Assistant to the Orange County Mayor for Intergovernmental Relations, Director of Governmental Relations for Hillsborough Community College (HCC), and currently serving as Executive Director of College Relations for HCC.  Our office oversees public relations, marketing, and governmental & community relations. 

What has been your most memorable career moment?

AC: My most memorable career moment came during my lobbying days in Tallahassee.  A member of the Jacksonville delegation passed a bill to modify the state statute related to matching funds for community colleges specifically to impact a match HCC had secured with the City of Tampa.  With the assistance of some very gracious (yet benevolently sinister) members who understood the indisputable merit of our project, I was able to secure the multi-million appropriation from another part of the state budget….and not have it vetoed!

What do you think has been the most innovative change in the marketing world over the last 5 years?

AC: The impact of the web on everything we do. The ability to reach audiences, irrespective of time and place, with targeted messaging has provided us with the opportunity to refine and measure the efficacy of what we do like never before.

How long have you been an AMA Tampa Bay member? And, what do you value most about the chapter?

AC: I have been a member of AMA Tampa Bay for three years and feel that I have received enormous value by attending our events.  I enjoy the speakers and the practical information that they bring as well as the ability to network with others in the field. 

What resources do you use to stay current on marketing best practices? (e.g. blogs, newsletters, websites, conferences, books, podcasts, etc.)

AC: Websites, webcasts, newsletters, peers whose work I admire.

What do you like best about living in Tampa Bay?

AC: The incredible weather (7 months of the year), the water and all of the exciting things happening in the Tampa Bay region. 

What has inspired you lately?

AC: The life-changing aspect of the work that we do at Hillsborough Community College is incredibly inspiring.  I love the open access mission of the community college and the opportunities it provides to those who might not otherwise have it.  We enroll students from all walks of life – from the academically gifted that can’t afford to leave Tampa, to students living in their cars and homeless shelters, to students who work multiple jobs to help support their families, to students in their 70’s and 80’s as well as  students in their early teens.  I get to be around these people who, often in the face of enormous obstacles, manage to make it to class because they want to make a better life for themselves and their families.  You can’t help, but be inspired.    

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