Meatloaf Rebranding Underway: Part 5 – The Philippines


Filipino Meatloaf

Filipino Loaf: Embutido

In our meatloaf rebranding mission, we’ve traveled the world to look at countries where Loaves are extremely popular and not playing second fiddle to another food (as Loaf does to Hamburger here in the U.S.). Our last stop was Iran. There were plenty of spices, side dishes, and delicious extras tied to the Persian Loaf. These additions could definitely add sufficient exotic flare to help rebrand American Loaf. Now, we travel further eastward and look at the Philippines. What branding secrets can American Loaf get learn from the Filipino Loaf? Let’s find out.

So, Loaf, what’s so special about Filipino cousin? Well, for starters, this food has a cool name, Embutido. Not only is it fun to say, but it’s actually shaped like a log. Rather than being cooked in a loaf pan, it’s steamed in tin foil. What’s best is Embutido’s progressive attitude and open-mindedness; he encourages diversity and never discriminates. Embutido welcomes meats from all walks of life, whether they “oink,” “moo,” or “cluck.”  He contains beef, pork, ham, sometimes chicken, and usually chicken eggs too! Your cousin even welcomes sausage into his warm ground meaty embrace. That’s right; part of the cooking instructions call for whole hard boiled eggs and sausages to be placed on top of a flattened sheet of ground meat and rolled up into it. Can you say, “group hug” in Filipino?

Also, keeping with the progressive and multi-cultural mindset, Embutido is a fusion food with influences from Asian and Hispanic cooking, and has no problem letting fruit stop by to join the party! Embutido ingredients include: bell peppers, pimientos, soy sauce, raisins, carrots, onions, breadcrumbs, parsley, salt, and pepper.

Key Takeaways

  • Steamed, Not Baked – Embutido is a tough act to follow, but let’s look at what you can do using him as an example. First off, steaming is an excellent way to improve your brand-image. When you’re baked, it’s easy for your chef to over-bake you. That’ll leave you dry and will leave your diners begging for a drink to wash you down…not the kind of brand experience you want. Steaming is a consistent way to make you moist, tender, and melt in the mouth good. That’s the kind of brand experience you want to deliver.
  • Mixing All Meats – Mixing different meats adds excitement as well. Each type of meat pleases the taste buds in a different way and for different reasons. Why should those who like different types of meat be limited to just one? What meal is better than one that includes something for everyone? That’s how you broaden your appeal, Loaf. That’s how meatloaf rebranding is done!
  • Fusion of Flavors – The fusion of flavors from different regions, combined with the salty and sweet mix, is guaranteed to excite even the most discriminating palettes. Embutido explores Hispanic/Asian fusion as well as salty/sweet fusion, which is great, but why limit yourself there? Why not play around and mix other regional flavors or other taste fusions? Think outside the box, Loaf, and innovate a little.

Loaf, do you see all of the wonderful rebranding possibilities available to you? Surely the much-loved Embutido can serve as an example of how to boost and polish your brand image. Long ago, your forefather Loaves dreamed of a country in which all types of meat, spice flavors, and regional flavors could live together in harmony in one big, steamy, meaty embrace.  If Embutido made this happen in the Philippines, you can do it right here at home!

Next, we’ll come back to the good old U.S and we’ll look at local restaurants that do meatloaf the right way! We’d like input from our readers! Readers, what are some of your favorite local restaurants that serve meatloaf? What do you love about their meatloaf!


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