Meatloaf Rebranding Finale: How to Make Meatloaf More Exciting



In attempt to help our buddy, American Meatloaf rebrand himself, we have looked at many beloved loaves around the world as exemplars in hopes that our Loaf will gain some inspiration from his foreign cousins. We have looked at loaves in England, Italy, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Iran, and the Philippines and, wow, did we love what we found! We came up with a list of key takeaways for Loaf.


Key Takeaways

The Meat of it All – Loaf, you don’t just have to be made of ground beef! Turn your nose up at the Loaf purists and embrace diversity. Sure, include ground beef, but you can also include pork, bacon, ham, liver, corned beef, duck or even a few gamier meats such as pheasant.

Texturize – Meatloaf is juicy and tender, when done right. That’s a good thing! The fact is that if juicy and tender is all you get bite after  bite and slice after slice, this could become boring. That’s where different textures come in to spice up the dining experience and provide ideas for meatloaf rebranding.

Texture Diversity at its Finest

Texture Diversity at its Finest

Including different meats is one way to accomplish texture diversity, but you can also do so by including eggs, different types of veggies, and cheese! There are s many textures to work with: crunchy, chewy, juicy, rubbery, gooey, soft, slippery, rough, smooth, etc. Go wild!

Flavor Party – Beef is wonderful, but just like juiciness, beefiness can get old if that’s all that’s detected in every bite. Of course, including different meats can help boost the excitement, but including other ingredients with strong flavors (peppers, onions, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.) can bring this flavor variety to a new level.

Wingmen ­– Loaf, your side dishes are your wingmen. Side dishes can improve the dining experience tremendously. Don’t allow just anyone to hang out with you on a dinner plate!

Sauerkraut: One of Many Possible Sides

Sauerkraut: One of Many Possible Sides

Choose wingmen who will further your Meatloaf rebranding mission by complimenting your taste. Choose ones that absorb your flavor or add a kick to every bite when they accompany you on a fork!

Fusion – Don’t be afraid to be multi-cultural! Include flavors from different parts of the world. The Filipino Loaf is a great example of Latin-Asian fusion, but don’t stop there! Mix flavors from other parts of the world too!

Spices From all Cultures

Spices From all Cultures

Readers, here we have walked American Meatloaf through a host of countries that can provide inspiration for his rebranding. We hope Meatloaf feels empowered and has faith that he too can gain the celebrity status of his glory-hog cousin, The Hamburger.



For the Readers

What does this mean for you, readers? It means that you now have the tools to redefine Meatloaf. It can be an exciting, gourmet, and multicultural treat. Best of all, notice the versatility. You can make Meatloaf for every occasion and still serve a different meal every time! With the variety of meats, veggies, and sides available, no two Meatloaves have to be the same. So, think outside the box, chefs…and have fun!



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