Marketing to Moms

Most men, if asked, will readily admit that when it comes to purchasing, their wives make most of the decisions. Research shows that women make 85 percent of the brand purchases in the home. Any company who is not marketing to moms is missing out on a major opportunity.

Furthermore, any mistakes made while marketing to this group of key decision makers can result in substantial losses. Here are some basic tips to help your company achieve success in marketing to moms.

Place online advertising wisely. Moms with children actually spend more time online than women without, whether their time is spent researching entertainment options or listening to music. This provides a great opportunity get your ad in front of this market segment.

Remember that content is key! Instead of creating a generic sales pitch, consider offering content that moms will be able to relate to and which will be useful to them. Sponsored content is going to be a much more effective marketing approach than a regular sales pitch.

Target your audience carefully. Moms are going to be much more responsive if you target them with care. Placing the correct ads in front of them at the correct times is much more likely to generate a click-through.

Offer incentives. Moms recognize that we are experiencing tough economic times and raising families is expensive. Offering incentives like discounts or free shipping is a great way to catch their attention.

Ask what and why. Make sure you are aware of what women are looking at online and why. Stay on top of current trends and websites that women frequent. Doing so should give you the guidance you need for what product you should be advertising and where it will receive the most visibility.

Know the marketing methods. Be cognizant of this group’s preferred methods for marketing. Email is ranked as the first marketing method of choice, followed by Facebook and branded websites.

Taking the opportunity to tailor your marketing efforts to moms or other targeted groups can be a great way to boost your business. If you would like more information on marketing and would like to connect with others in this field, join us at American Marketing Association Tampa Bay.


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