The Marketer’s Job Hunt 103

As a job seeker looking for a marketing position, time is precious. The last thing you want to do is spend time updating your skill set, but it may be the single most important thing that you do. You’ve probably developed a good deal of evergreen marketing knowledge over your career, but potential employers also require a good grasp of up-to-date technical and tactical skills – specifically in digital marketing. The sooner this reality is confronted and tackled, the quicker a job will be secured. Here are some quick and inexpensive ways to grow professionally and improve your chances of getting hired.


For marketers, there are many free or low cost online certifications which can quickly augment your skillset. If a job seeker is looking to strengthen their social media or analytics skills, Google Analytics offers a free certification and Hootsuite’s certification is very reasonable. In addition, low cost online web design and project management certifications are available with accelerated curriculums that are faster, more focused, and less expensive than traditional learning alternatives. By having a strong marketing tool kit, you can develop an individual competitive advantage over other applicants and significantly increase your chances of being hired.

Independlyndaent Online learning

As much as certifications are valued, marketing job seekers may not need the entire skillset offered in comprehensive training programs that may take a long time to complete. In this case, job seekers can acquire skills quickly through online tutorials., for example, offers online tutorials from industry thought leaders on a broad range of learning opportunities for marketers. For a set monthly fee, a job seeker can gain unlimited online training to develop needed technical skills in baseline HTML, CSS, JavaScript and much more. You don’t have to be an expert in each, but a sound working knowledge may be the key to unlock your next marketing job opportunity.

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With LinkedIn Pulse, there’s no reason for marketing job seekers to miss out on sharing original content with other professionals. This is an easy way to stand out in a job hunt, while conducting research that will drive a job seeker’s skillset forward. If you feel uncomfortable with commenting on marketing topics, it’s easy to generate original content by conducting an interview with a respected colleague, gathering extensive research on emerging media, or addressing a shift in the marketplace. Complement this compelling content by pairing it with a powerful visual header and incorporating images into the body text. It’s all about networking with others, so blogging is another way to develop relationships that may lead to a job referral or recommendation.


Besides writing original content, volunteering is an effective way to show your thinking, work ethic, and dedication – while helping a worthy cause. Many non-profit organizations, including Marketing (Tampa Bay AMA), Advertising (Ad Fed), and Public Relations (PRSA) Associations regularly need volunteers. Besides building valuable hands-on marketing skills, volunteers get to meet and learn from successful marketing professionals. They also develop a comradery with fellow volunteers and the organization’s staff. The unique bond that is created by volunteering goes beyond networking and is a great way to build relationships and friendships while supporting a cause that is of mutual interest.

Key Learnings for Marketing Job Seekers:

  1. Searching for a marketing job includes developing new skills to make sure that your individual competitive advantages shine through the clutter of other applicants
  2. Opt for accelerated training that increases relevant skills while conserving time and money
  3. Get yourself out in front of other marketing professionals by blogging or volunteering in a marketing related Association that can help to further develop your skills and contacts
  4. Stay objective about your marketing skillset in the job market and commit yourself to on-going professional development and learning

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