Job Hunting: Why you Should do it Continuously Even if you Like Your Current Job

Do you like your job and your colleagues. The pay is competitive and you’ve got a great boss. So why worry about your next career move right now? Why continue job hunting?

Unknown to you, the CEO’s flying into town Monday … to promote your boss … and to announce Bill Lumbergh’s now overseeing your department.

Bill Lumbergh

Keep reading. There’s plenty of other reasons for job hunting. Why it is always good to “be in the market” for your next job opportunity:

  1. Bored and Stagnant

You’ve been in your job for a few years now. You’ve been passed over for a few promotions. You’ve now officially in “Gallup’s 55 percent group,” which means you’re now a part of the majority of people who are no longer engaged at work. Stay motivated by keeping your eyes open for exciting new opportunities.

  1. Stay Competitive

So what are employers looking for these days? You’ll only know if you keep tabs on what jobs are out there, along with what skills and knowledge needed to keep your options open. Building and nurturing your network will help keep you in top fighting shape. Job hunting doesn’t have to mean that you want to leave immediately, but it gives you the freedom to leave if or when you recognize a better opportunity for yourself.

  1. Change Is Sometimes Good

While it can be uncomfortable, challenging yourself and growing your skillset will help you realize your maximum potential. Find a mentor in your network and work together to set a few new goals for your career. It’s never too late to put your plan in action.

AMA Tampa Bay can help you with all of the above! Our new job board can help you keep tabs on the job marketplace, and can help you network with 400+ Tampa Bay marketing professionals. This is a great way to hear about job openings before they’re posted. Plus, it’s always nice to make new friends along the way!

There you have it! Keep your current job as long as you’d like, but if you don’t keep your eye out for what else is available and continue networking, you could miss out! Here’s another cool tidbit: job listings for small non-profit organizations are free. Also, 10% of funds we collect from paid job listings pay for a scholarship for local AMA student members. There’s no down side!

 About the Author

Todd Rogers


Todd Rogers serves as AMA Tampa Bay’s VP of Volunteers. In his day job, Todd is the owner and President of MTM Ventures LLC. Todd drives the marketing, technology, strategic and leadership services at MTM Ventures. Passionate for Internet marketing and strategic marketing/public relations, he draws on 25 years experience with high-tech companies like Verizon, Syniverse Technologies and SuperMedia.

During his tenure in Corporate America, Todd’s experience included award-winning public relations and marketing communications campaigns, along with strategic corporate/executive communications, product management (P&L) and business intelligence responsibilities.

From 2003 to 2007, Todd also served on the Board of Directors for the International Big Fish Network (IBFN), a non-profit organization focused on rebuilding worldwide big fish stocks to sustainable levels.

From April to December 2011, he served as VP-Programming/Board Member of the American Marketing Association’s Tampa Bay Chapter, and has written for a marketing newsletter that was awarded the Public Relations Society of America’s Bronze Anvil Award.

Rogers has exceptional Internet knowledge and experience, helping several local organizations, such as the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority realize success through web marketing activities. He built his first website in 1995, and has been active in the web marketing community since 2003.