Interactive Media: How Startups like SelfieStyler are Changing the Future of Retail

Brick-and-mortar stores have been working hard to compete with each other as customers continue to demand a seamless omni-channel experience. It is more important than ever for retailers to implement efficient technology to create the best customer experience. As customers begin to shop primarily online, what would it be like if customers knew their size for every item? What if customers could find the perfect fit at every checkout? Thanks to emerging tech companies like SelfieStyler, this is now a possibility. 

SelfieStyler is a tech company that uses SureFit technology to fix the frustration around fit. The founders believe that customers should know, long before their clothing arrives in the mail, that every item will fit perfectly. Through the SelfieStyler app, customers can snap a selfie to get digitally measured in 60 seconds, virtually try on some clothing, see their SureFit size and fit guidance, and finally- purchase items. This technology provides customers with a 98% fit accuracy and return rate of less than 1% across 150+ brands.

Tech companies like SelfieStyler offer major opportunities for retailers, especially department stores that carry multiple brands and styles. The future of retail is now. Walgreens, Dressbarn, Pier 1, Gap, Barneys, and other chains have already announced 7,500 store closings in 2019, according to investment bank UBS. With the loss of brick-and-mortar stores, it is becoming increasingly necessary for these retail giants to invest elsewhere to combat the lost sales. SelfieStyler is one of many up-and-coming tech companies that can help prominent retailers create an experience worth noticing.

What do you think of SelfieStyler? How do you think this type of technology can help create an exciting omni-channel experience for customers and retailers? Comment below!

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