How to Effectively Network in the Marketing Field

Broaden your professional network online and off!

A strong professional network is invaluable when it comes to finding new clients, getting your foot in the door for a new job, or simply exchanging ideas and opinions on the latest advertising trends. If you work in the marketing industry, try our tips for making the connections you need.

Establish an Online Presence
It's time to move beyond your personal Facebook page! Try out Twitter to connect with other marketers and reach out to potential clients. This social networking platform gives you the opportunity to casually interact with your market and gather wisdom from others in your field. LinkedIn can also display your resume to the world and help you find professional online groups that suit your needs.

Mix and Mingle in the Real World
While the internet can help you lengthen your reach around the globe, face-to-face meetings often create stronger connections. Don't let yourself hide behind a computer screen 24/7. Find local events for marketers, bring your business cards, and get ready to meet and greet.

Stay Connected with Past Clients and Co-workers
Don't allow your hard-earned network to weaken from neglect. Find excuses to reconnect with those you used to work for and with. You never know when they will have a new project or position that you'd be perfect for!

We provide plenty of networking opportunities for marketing professionals in the Tampa Bay area! Check out our event schedule and learn more about the benefits of joining the American Marketing Association Tampa Bay chapter.

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