How Packaging Can Help Market and Sell Products

Chances are, you’ve probably been tempted to buy a product just because of the awesome packaging it came in or because it stood out from other similar products. Research shows that packaging alone can increase a product’s visibility, which can make it more sellable and promote brand awareness.

A package can provide a wealth of information that can draw consumers to a product and help them make the decision to buy. Here are some of the ways that packaging can influence the consumer and, ultimately, sales of your product:

Product Name
Having a good name on your product can definitely help sales. A name that helps sell a product is usually short, relates to the product’s purpose, is easily pronounced, and is easy to spell and memorize.

Targeting Consumers
Packages can be greatly beneficial in helping you to reach your target consumer. Certain colors, designs or pictures can appeal more to one group than another, and thus make your product of greater interest to them.

Other than advertising, product packaging is the best place to send a message to your consumer. Marketing messages on the front of a product may make the consumer likely to pick it up and look at it, so messaging is a great opportunity to reach out to consumers and attract sales.

Brand Identity
With new products, packaging can help with brand identification. Consumers may see the new product that is produced by a brand they know and love, and they will try it just because it’s made by that brand. Using the same logo as another product in your brand may call the consumers’ attention to the new product, and they’ll be more apt to buy it because it is familiar.

Packaging can help sell and market products because it allows you to provide detailed information to the consumer who may be looking to buy. Nutrition information, product measurements, instructions or the purpose of the product can help consumers decide if the product is for them.

The product packaging is also a great place to show consumers how this product will benefit them. This can be done through a message, images or a guarantee on the product. All of these can help influence their decision to buy.

Good packaging is just one of the strategies that can make your marketing and sales more successful. If you are looking to learn more about marketing and grow as a professional, see what American Marketing Association of Tampa Bay has to offer.

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