How Much Is Too Much Communication?

The goal of every business owner is to keep the company’s name on the mind of all potential customers. To accomplish this, direct mail, email, and text message marketing communications are sent out to announce upcoming sales, promotions, or new merchandise and services. Unfortunately, many marketers will occasionally cross the line of over-communication, resulting in a mass exodus of subscribers who opt out of communications. Finding this line, and staying behind it, will keep your campaigns effective and far-reaching.

The Golden Number
Each company’s customer base is different, so finding the sweet spot of communication frequency can vary from business to business. New York Times blogger Jay Goltz says that once a week (or more) will annoy most subscribers, prompting them to unsubscribe. On the other hand, Goltz claims that seasonal communications won’t be enough to keep your name fresh in the customer’s mind. A middle ground of every four to six weeks is suggested, although close observation and trial and error are the best ways to find the right frequency for you.

Give Them Options
What annoys one customer may be welcomed gladly by another. You don’t need to have a one-size-fits-all approach to customer communications. Give your subscribers options for how often they’d like to receive updates, and what kind of updates they wish to receive. Some customers might want information on everything, from events to business news. Others will only want to receive emails during a special promotion.

Customers can also choose the way they wish to be communicated with. Younger customers might prefer text messages with coupon codes, rather than emails, while older generations could still like receiving hands-on coupons in the mail. Letting the customers choose their communication preferences will help you target the right audience every time and can prevent people from dropping off your subscriber list altogether.

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