Hispanics & Social Media

Social media is a growing influence among the Hispanic demographic. Are you making the most of it?

If your social media marketing strategies aren't targeting the large Hispanic demographic in Tampa Bay, you are missing out. Hispanics currently make up the the largest portion of social media users when compared to all other ethnicities. If you're ready to reach out, here are some suggestions to get started.

  • Consider creating a Facebook page, Twitter account, or blog for Spanish speakers. You don't have to speak Spanish yourself. Hire a social media expert who does.
  • Start interacting. The online Hispanic community loves to communicate and get involved. Give them the opportunity to answer questions or participate in an online discussion. According to The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies, 40 percent of Hispanics in the US create content for the web using social media. Compare this to only 10 percent of Caucasians.
  • Encourage reviews. The Hispanic demographic is heavily involved in writing and reading reviews for the businesses they frequent. Social media can provide the proof they are looking for on the quality of your products or services.
  • Invest in quality. It's worth the effort to create longer content. Not all your messages should be crammed into 140 characters. Studies show that 69 percent of American Hispanics spend their time online reading blogs or watching videos. This is a 26 percent jump from non-Hispanic races.

If you work in the healthcare industry, we have an event coming up just for you! Learn more about marketing to the Hispanic demographic by attending our next event, the Healthcare Marketing: The Hispanic Perspective breakfast on January 31st.

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