Help Others, Help Yourself, and Enjoy Every Minute of It!

Have you thought about volunteering, but just haven’t had a chance to make it happen yet?  You’re not alone… it’s a commitment that’s difficult to make when you consider how much time we already put into our careers, friends, and family. Eventually, the people that make that commitment choose to donate their time for a multitude of reasons.

Some people love to be able to give something back to the marketing community, and hopefully make a difference to their peers. Others value to chance to develop new skills or expand their areas of expertise. But no matter the reason, the commonality is that they find the experience both challenging and rewarding.

Are you interested in personal growth and investing in yourself? With AMA Tampa Bay, you can…

— Give something back to an organization that has impacted your industry

— Help other reach their professional growth

— Welcome people who are new to the organization

— Be part of a team where you feel valued and appreciated

— Dedicate time to doing something for you – outside of work or family

Are you interested in gaining new skills, and testing out new areas of expertise? AMA Tampa Bay volunteers get to…

— Learn new skills and gain new experience

— Enhance your current knowledge and expertise

— Add interesting new skills to your resume – making you a more valuable employee

— Become a more well-rounded professional

— Utilize your skills and knowledge to help others

Or are you interested in the social aspects of volunteering? The AMA Tampa Bay volunteer team loves to…

— Make many new friends and connections

— Socialize with like-minded people in the same industry

— Network with other professionals from all over Tampa Bay

The American Marketing Association of Tampa Bay provides a significant variety of volunteering opportunities, which can be flexible around how many hours a month a person wants to commit. There are 12 committees in which to choose to participate, meet fantastic people, and give back to our marketing community.

We’d love to have you join our team!  We have a variety of different roles available now. Visit our website or email [email protected] for more information!

About the Blogger:

Dana Gordon is the VP of Programming at AMA Tampa Bay and is passionate about the benefits of volunteering. Dana has decades of experience as a Marketing Director and specializes in building revenue-generating marketing departments.