Glass Bottom Boat Approach: Rebranding AMA Tampa Bay

“Glass bottom boat” is a term being used quite a bit among AMA Tampa Bay volunteers. What exactly does it mean?  The term is a metaphor to describe a philosophy and set of goals that will benefit our local marketing community in the long term. It involves rebranding AMA Tampa Bay, building a digital hub, a strong community, and shared value among members. Here is what the “glass bottom boat” cruise means to us:


The Cruise

The cruise is the journey we will all take together in rebranding AMA Tampa Bay. It involves the work, activities, thought processes, and information sharing that will help us reach our destination. The cruise starts now with AMA Tampa Bay as it is today.


The Destination

There are numerous destinations set for us in the process of rebranding AMA Tampa Bay. The destinations are our goals. Many of our initial goals relate to building a strong digital presence. Our objective isn’t to sell ourselves or to talk at our audience. Our objective is to connect with our members and provide an environment in which they can easily connect with each other. Doing this involves successfully developing the following:

  • A digital hub for our members (our new website)
  • A strong and close-knit community of marketing professionals
  • A full and diverse event calendar
  • An atmosphere of constant information sharing, opportunity sharing, and learning from each other
  • A reputation as the premier marketing authority and network in the Tampa Bay Area

Once we reach our initial destination by accomplishing the goals above, we will keep moving! We will continue to improve and evolve to meet the needs of our members and of the ever-changing marketing environment.


The Glass Bottom

Transparency is key. We’ve committed to providing a transparent view of our efforts in the rebranding of AMA Tampa Bay. Just like on a glass bottom boat, the passengers will see where we are, what’s underneath us, where we’re going, and why. We will share our plans and decisions in hopes that all members will provide actionable input. We’ll also share our successes and failures in hopes that we all learn from them.


What Moves the Boat

Our members will move this glass bottom boat forward. Our members will accomplish the goals set before us and will drive the AMA Tampa Bay rebranding process. Members who wish to volunteer may choose the amount and type of work they contribute to AMA Tampa Bay.  If you have communications, marketing, and/or PR skills,  chances are that we can use your help!


The Benefits

Volunteering for AMA Tampa Bay is not a one way street. We are excited to provide our volunteers with opportunities that will bolster their careers. Those who volunteer for us will gain the following:

  • Professional connections
  • Knowledge and advice of Tampa Bay Area marketing experts
  • Access to job opportunities
  • Potential clients
  • Potential employees
  • Marketing information that’s unavailable to the general public


The more you volunteer with us, the more involved you will be in our community and the more opportunities will come your way. However, we realize that each volunteer has different schedule and time restrictions. If you reach out to us, we will respect that and we will do our best to find volunteer opportunities that will fit your schedule and that will benefit you as much as they benefit us.

About the Author

Chiara Tedone


Chiara is Digital Content Creator and Blog Manager for AMA Tampa Bay. She is Co-founder and Director of Winning the Fight, a non-profit organization specializing in neurodegenerative disease research. Chiara is also a freelance digital marketer for small businesses and is finishing up her MBA with a specialty in marketing from the University of South Florida. Prior to moving to Florida, Chiara lived in Washington, DC. She earned her BA in International Studies from American University’s School of International Services in 2007 and worked for Booz Allen Hamilton and the Department of Defense thereafter. Her hobbies include obstacle racing, running, swimming, kayaking, SCUBA diving, and opera/classical singing. She also loves country music and chocolate!

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