Get to Know the New Website

Our new website was built with you in mind. It’s interactive and was designed to help Bay Area marketers connect, learn, and grow. Here’s a simple overview of 10 different functions our new site has to offer to help you get the most out of it.


Member’s Only Area

First time logging in?  See our Request Credentials page.

First time logging in? See our Request Credentials page.

Did you know that you get exclusive access to our Member’s Only Area of our new website by being part of the AMA Tampa Bay? If you haven’t logged in to your account yet, simply go to our Request Credentials page and enter the applicable information. Your password will be emailed to you with a link that allows to you log in for the first time.

Once you log in, we recommend that you build your member profile. It will take just a few minutes, but will allow you to share information about yourself, your experience, or even your company with other members. The profile is limited to 150 characters, so choose your words wisely!

As a member of the AMA Tampa Bay, you get exclusive access to features such as the Member’s Forum (message board for general marketing topics and networking), RFP Center (members can submit and bid on projects posted by other members), and exclusive articles and industry news that only members can see!

What are you waiting for? Request your credentials, log in to our new website, and start exploring the Member’s Only Area today!


Member’s Forum

Once you log in with your username and password (first time users please see our Request Credentials page), you will be able to access the Members’ Forum. Think of it as a message board for members that allows you to connect with some of the Bay Area’s top marketing minds.

When you log in, you’ll see a link on the profile screen that directs you to the forum. Once you follow the link, you’ll have the option to choose one of two forums to visit: ‘General’ or ‘Networking’.

‘General’ is the catchall for any and all marketing topics, questions, or conversations that are not for networking purposes. On either forum, you can view previous posts by clicking on the topics that you see or you can start your own by scrolling to the bottom of the page and entering new text into the provided text box.

Starting conversations and interacting with other members is now easier than ever! Log in to your profile, click the link, and start communicating!


Write for Us

Are you the type of person who loves to write? Do you want to grow your portfolio or be someone that others look to for advice and best practices? Well, we’re looking for people like you!

The AMA Tampa Bay is looking for subject matter experts to weigh-in with their opinions regarding current marketing and advertising campaigns. We are also looking for SMEs to write reviews of some of the new and innovative marketing tactics being employed by marketers in Tampa, across the U.S., and more!

Some of our current guest writers engage with us for just one article, while others are recurring contributors who write ongoing columns for our new website and email campaigns.

Have an idea or topic you’d like to share with the marketing professionals in the Bay Area? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get your name out there!


Events Calendar

The first content section of the new AMA Tampa Bay site is a listing of the top three upcoming events. Click on one of the three events or select the ‘view more events’ button up top to view the entire event calendar.

The calendar is a month-by-month view, with the current month as the displayed calendar. To view future events, simply look for the next month on the top right of the calendar and click it! As an added bonus, you can also save an event directly to your iCal or Google Calendar with just a click.


Event Submission Form

Have an idea for an event that would be of interest to AMA Tampa Bay members or the marketing community at large? Tell us about it using the Submit an Event Idea option located on the Events Calendar page submenu bar! We’ll get back to you to discuss your idea.


RFP Center

Are you looking for a new website? Perhaps you need some market research? No problem. Submit your Request for Proposal for free and gain access to all qualified companies within our membership.

This is another reason to join the American Marketing Association because only members will be able to see the RFPs that have been submitted, so only members will be able to bid on them.


Job Board

The Job Board focuses exclusively on Bay Area marketing opportunities.

The Job Board focuses exclusively on Bay Area marketing opportunities.

New and improved. The site caters to both employers and candidates focusing exclusively on Bay Area marketing opportunities. Our Job Board helps employers actively build, manage, and promote their corporate cultures as “best in class” on a local level. These benefits allow companies to attract the best talent the Bay Area has to offer. And, posting is free for members. More member value anyone?


Social Media Feed

Our goal was to create a dynamic, living, and breathing website that is always updating. That is why we made sure our Twitter and Facebook feeds (near the bottom of the home page) update automatically so you can see what’s happening in the social universe of the Tampa Bay marketing community.



Want an internship or want to find a Bay Area mentor in the marketing field of choice. Both mentorship and internship opportunities are just a click away.


Ask an Expert

Got a marketing question? Ask an Expert is where you can get an answer. Our experts are standing by 24-7 errr… well they do sleep, but they are still easy to reach. Want to become one of our experts? Either way, click here to explore!