Forever a Student: Continuing to Learn and Grown Your Mind

All of us go through some type of education, but learning doesn’t stop after graduation. We should all strive to continue learning more, growing to be better than we were before. How do you continue to learn? Here are some suggestions on how to become a forever student.

Set aside time to read — books, journals, comic books, anything.

Reading for leisure can do more than just build your vocabulary. Non-fiction sources can help grow your worldly perspective or teach you a new skill. Fiction can expand your creativity and seeing things for how they could be, not how they are. Also, when you read for leisure, you do it because you want to. Reading shouldn’t be a chore. Make reading something you enjoy and have fun strengthening you mind.

Enroll in online courses in subjects you know or don’t know.

Whether you want to sharpen a skill you already have or learn something completely new, online courses can help. There are many different places to find courses from experts, such as SkillShare and AMA, where you can learn just about anything. Many of these courses offer “learn at your own pace” programs that can fit into your daily life. These courses may also offer certifications, which can help you grow professionally in any field as well as provide credibility for your newly learned skills. Whether it’s strengthening your professional abilities or growing your knowledge for a hobby, this is a great option for continuing your student mind.

Look for events with speakers you can learn from and connect with others.

Many organizations, like AMA, have webinars and other events featuring experts from various fields. Taking the time to attend these events can help you gain experience from colleagues and experts alike. Although some events have been on pause due to COVID-19, there are sometimes virtual options. Whether you attend an event virtually or live, it is still a great experience to learn and meet others who want to do the same.

Taking the opportunity to continue your education in various ways is important for personal as well as professional growth. Whether reading, taking courses, or attending events, all provide great learning opportunities for your interests. Take some time to look for ways like these to grow your knowledge.

What do you use to further your knowledge and learning? Comment below to share your favorite literature, courses, and events.

Rachel Wichlacz is a Wisconsin native and Florida resident currently working at CuraScript SD as a Marketing Lead Analyst. She has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from The University of Tampa. Rachel is a blogger for AMA Tampa Bay with a background in marketing, design, and technical communication.

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