Why Everyone Needs a Social Media Strategy

Why Everyone Needs a Social Media Strategy


Among all age groups, people aren’t just connecting with their friends and family on social media anymore. Two-way communication between people and brands has occupied a large part of the social media landscape. Almost two-thirds of U.S. adults use Facebook, and three-quarters use YouTube. The growing use of social media should not be ignored, as it has become the new way for organizations to represent themselves.


Many people might have a misconception that social media is something so widely used and simple, thus anyone is capable of using it for business purposes. However, social media has become an important tool that requires careful thought and execution to garner attention, maintain brand image, improve reputation and increase sales.


Every business needs a research-backed strategy. For a social media campaign to be effective, you should have a plan in place to resonate with your target audience and achieve business objectives. A strategy could include:


  • Which channels a company should use
  • Frequency of posts
  • Best days and times to post
  • Topics to post about (and in what ratios)
  • Appropriate length
  • Tone of voice
  • Suggested pages to engage with
  • Visual design elements


A process for managing your audience is imperative when it comes to maintaining the brand’s image. Social media has provided unprecedented access to brands from the consumer’s perspective. Consumers can hold companies more accountable than ever, and it’s constantly seen when they take to social media to air their grievances.


Social media is not only useful for brand awareness and reputation, but can also be used to increase profit for a company. Consumer purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by social media. Opinions from friends and family, online reviews and comments are at user’s fingertips, allowing them to form opinions about products and services, or become aware of new companies.


Tailoring a strategy that builds a loyal following, captivates an audience, bolsters brand reputation, reels in new business and drives profit can feel like careful balancing act. However, when a strategy is formed and executed correctly, businesses routinely watch it pay off in a major way.  


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