Email Marketing Basics for Beginners

Use email marketing as a tool to expand your customer outreach.

If you're not very computer savvy, it's ok; you don't have to be. Don't let something you don't yet understand deter you from promoting your business. Think of it as a challenge and remind yourself that even though the method may be new to you, it's nothing that you can't handle. Follow these steps to get started:

Invest in software
To easily manage your email marketing tasks, invest in software that will set everything up for you, including your list of emails to automatic responses. As a beginner, you should choose a company that will host the software on its own server. Otherwise, you would have to host it yourself, which can be highly technical.

Build your subscribers
Figure out who you're targeting and create a list of contacts. Start with the names of people you know or are involved with and build from there. If you're doing the "cold call" version of emailing, try offering incentives like special deals or coupons for services or provide a free promotional item for the first 100 subscribers.

Create your message
Take the time to focus on the content you're sending. Think about the person opening your email and ask yourself what they would want to see. Should you use a graphic or photo to best convey your message or would including text only be the better option? Depending on what type of message you're trying to send out there, you need to customize your message for your readers.

Power in numbers
The more people that are on your contact list, the better chance you have of someone showing interest in your business or product. Realistically, some people are going to ignore or dismiss your email; that's just a given. So, keep that in mind and continue to build your contacts in order to improve your chances of making a connection.

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