Direct Mail Marketing Strategies for 2019

Our long-time direct mail and printing sponsor, Genesis Direct, has some insight into direct mail marketing strategies for 2019. Read on to learn why you should be considering direct mail as a tactic for marketing your business.

What Marketers Need to Know

The year 2019 will witness greater changes in direct mail marketing as it is growing rapidly and continues to produce results. According to Statista, the direct mail industry will make up to $10.9 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2022. The new strategies for direct mail marketing will include use of big data, variable printing, QR codes, augmented reality, and much more. Moreover, this medium will continue attracting Millennials and Generation Z consumers that normally rely on social media platforms for special offers or coupon codes offered by companies.

Ultimate Strategies of Direct Mail Marketing

In today’s market, it has become necessary to stay ahead of your competitors by reaching out to target audiences promptly. For this, direct marketing companies like Genesis Direct can help you to frame response-oriented direct mail marketing strategies that will boost your marketing campaigns in the future. Here are six top strategies that will help businesses incorporate more personalization into their marketing.

  1. Incorporating Mobile Systems into Direct Mail: 

    A study by Statista reveals that in 2018 there are around 3.7 billion world-wide mobile users. It is important to bring innovation to your direct mail campaign that complements these devices. This strategy involves merging new technology devices with the data attributes of your target audiences. With the information gathered and stored within a database that can be accessed for intelligence on targeted consumers, it is possible to create a personalized message via a direct mail campaign that enhances and harmonizes with mobile marketing efforts.

  1. Choose One-to-One Communication: 

    An article from the AMEX OPEN Forum suggests that nearly 83% of baby boomers find direct mail marketing to be a trusted source of marketing. Another article from Lending Science references a study by the US Postal Service showing that 90% of Millennials believe that direct mail is a reliable form of advertising. In order to remain relevant, it is important for businesses to achieve one-to-one communication with their target audiences instead of mass communications.

  1. Provide a Clear Call-to-Action Statement: 

    In direct mail, it is critical that the reader be presented with a clear call-to-action statement so they know how to respond. A call-to-action statement noted clearly on the mail piece can make a great impact. It will point the reader to what it is you want them to do. It needs to be located in easy-to-spot locations and repeated multiple times on the piece. Use of eye-catching images associated with your call to action can also be an effective tactic.

  1. Content and Images Must Capture Interest: 

    Direct mail is dependent on engaging content and images that draw in the prospect in just a few words or sentences. Writing relevant content and incorporating images will capture your audience’s attention. The experts at Genesis Direct can assist in developing content that enables your business to turn prospective customers into clients by offering reliable data for your target market and turning that information into quality content for your direct mail campaigns.

  1. Add the Credibility Touch: 

    Consumers buy from companies they trust. As an article in the Forbes Technology Council indicates, most people believe that direct mail is an authentic and valid source. To make your direct mail more credible, let your target audience know who you are as a business and consider adding information about your team when appropriate. This will help to foster trust and allow you to maintain a good reputation among your current and potential customers. To add credibility to your direct mail pieces consider adding the following:

  • Positive customer reviews along with photos of satisfied clients
  • A photo of the founders, owners or CEOs of the company
  • A picture of your team members who are on hand to assist the consumer
  • Feature your company’s logo and its mission and/or vision
  1. Use of Digital Technology for Direct Mail: 

    Variable digital color printing has changed the way marketers create direct mail campaigns. Digital printing allows for different images, offers, and copy content for each piece printed, making one-to-one marketing possible. Direct mail is no longer a series of generic, impersonal pieces mailed to a mass audience. With variable digital printing, pinpoint targeting can be accomplished with the use of personalized data, high-quality images, and unique offers as they speak directly to the audiences they’re reaching. As a survey by Interquest, a market research and consulting firm for digital printing, reveals, 73% of direct mail will be produced by using digital printing technology by the year 2020.

Direct mail continues to provide a strong base in marketing programs by bridging the gap between business and its customers, even in the ever-changing climate of electronic media. Transform your direct mail marketing. Genesis Direct can assist you with state-of-the-art variable printing, database mining and support, unique offer codes, and other useful techniques.

About Genesis Direct:

The key to better direct marketing and relationship building is getting the most relevant message to the right people, at the right time. Our integrated variable data printing process does just that. By applying the latest technologies, Genesis Direct is equipped to better understand and more effectively target customers and prospects by spotting trends and cross-referencing behavior patterns. Then, putting this knowledge to use by crafting truly customized one-to-one direct marketing campaigns that inspire action, we reach these targets more meaningfully and more profitably. Waste is minimized and spot-on insights replace CPM guesswork as relevance becomes the key. With our help, you will reach a willing audience that’s most inclined to engage in your offer. For nearly 25 years, we’ve been all about creating better relationships. 

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