Developing Your Brand’s Website: Four Crucial Steps

Developing Your Brand’s Website: Four Crucial Steps


For any business or organization, the website is a crucial aspect of the brand. It only takes a few seconds for a visitor to form an opinion based on a first impression. Your website can lure them in and help them become a potential customer, or it can quickly send them away to another website. Choosing a one-size-fits-all templated design has flooded the internet and lost people’s interest.


Building a brand is not easy, and when you’ve worked hard to establish it, you want it to be represented just as well.  When your web design is customized for your brand, the possibilities are endless. You are no longer restricted to the same elements competitors are using. This allows for a unique experience for you and your visitors through a website creation that is strategic and thoughtful.


There are several elements that should go into the development of a website that truly represents your brand and brings value to you and your visitors. These include the incorporation of storytelling, consistent stylization, mobile optimization and keeping content current and fresh.


Step One

Each brand has a unique story that tells a customer who you are and how they should feel. Whether it’s through your employees, your product, social media, ads, or your website, a brand story should be present in all of these aspects and tie together. A website visit should be a unique experience specifically related to your brand and what your brand is all about.


Step Two

Your website should tell the story of your brand in a unique way, but it should remain consistent with the brand guidelines that you already have in place. For instance, if your brand wants to attract a wide array of people, your website shouldn’t be too technical or specialized for a specific group.


Step Three

Today, nearly 60% of search traffic occurs on mobile devices. For that reason, website content should be optimized so that users can get the same experience that they would on a computer. When brainstorming ideas for a website, always take mobile devices into consideration to determine if it can work on both mediums. Not only should it appear the same, but the site should also remain high speed and easy to navigate. Core elements of the main site should remain on the mobile site. When developing copy, break up big blocks of text with section headers and lists, bullets or numbers.


Step Four

Lastly, once a website goes live, remember that it must always be updated to remain current. A good website will constantly be updated to show visitors, potential hires and other professionals that your brand is constantly evolving. Products and services should stay up to date as well as current news. Content marketing can help you develop original content such as videos and blogs to keep people aware of your brand’s presence.


All four elements are essential to creating a website that effectively represents your brand, engages users and increases potential customers. Making sure these elements are present on your website can help your brand be its best and continuously grow.

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