Creative Advertising Placements (and why they work!)

Have you ever been in the bathroom stall and noticed a plaque full of advertising? You probably read it, too! How about when you’re pumping gas at the gas station? Have you ever looked at the back of your baseball ticket and seen an advertisement?

Advertisers go out of their way to place ads in some of the most unusual, and often creative, locations. Here are some of our favorite places, and an explanation of why they work:

On the stall wall: Let’s face it, everyone visits the bathroom! It’s a place where someone is always going to be. On average, a person will stay in a bathroom stall for two minutes. That’s two minutes looking at your advertisement! Where else can you get that? Another benefit is that you can reach the clientele you wish to target. If your target audience is young, hip females, a posh nightclub restroom stall might work perfectly for your ad!

Inside T-shirts: Traditionally, companies advertise on the front or back of T-shirts that are being handed out or given away. But how about advertising on the inside of T? Some companies are now printing more extensive advertising, such as a mission statement or company profile, on the inside of shirttails.

On pizza boxes: Pizza is a staple in this country, so why not use it to your advantage! Millions of households order delivery pizza each year. Try talking to local pizza shops to see if you can make a deal to place flyers on their delivery boxes. This may cost you less than simply mailing out flyers or ads and it would likely get noticed more often.

In the doctor’s office: We’re told to go once per year, and we all know that there is always a wait at the doctor’s office. If each person has a 30-minute wait, there will be a lot of eyes on your ads. Some doctor’s offices will even allow you to place flyers in the waiting rooms. Check around town to see what your options are.

Golf carts: Golf is a huge sport that draws millions of people each year, and that makes golf carts a perfect place to make your brand seen. Think dashboard, exterior, steering wheel—you name it! Talk to local golf courses or golf and country clubs to see if they can put something together for you. Golf cart advertising will allow you to reach a vast audience without breaking the bank.

Airplane tray tables: The Sky Mall magazine has got nothing on this! We spend hours upon hours on flights, and we don’t have much else to keep our attention. Why not advertise on airplane tray tables? America West and US Airways have already climbed onboard, and others probably will soon, too. This sky-high ad spot allows for consumers’ undivided attention, but the cost is also “in the sky.”

Public buildings and vehicles: With all the budget cuts, many municipalities are considering ways to increase their returns, and that includes allowing advertising. Check with your local authorities to see if buildings, recycling bins, city vehicles, highway overpasses or other structures are available for print advertising. You may be surprised to find many unique locations the city will sell you advertising space on.

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