Congratulations Marketer of the Year Winners!


Congratulations To The Winners!

Pictures coming soon from this exciting event on March 23, 2016.

Florida Hospital Tampa (Agency Partner Chappell Roberts) is awarded Marketer of the Year and winner of the Medical and Healthcare Marketing category!  

Florida Hospital Tampa had an emergency room (ER) that was both physically and operationally dated. The physical space hindered the hospital’s ability to properly serve the growing emergency needs of the community and attend to ER patients in an efficient and effective manner. Through a combination of adding physical capacity with expansion and modernization, optimizing the patient experience and executing a direct-to-consumer marketing campaign, Florida Hospital Tampa would drive consumer awareness and preference for its new ER. The campaign resulted in a 22,221 additional ER visits, 53,000 unique visitors to in one year and much more!

OGX (Agency Partner 22Squared, Inc) is the winner of the Consumer Products and Services category!

Big beauty brands have an ugly habit of telling women what to change about their hair. But OGX is not a big beauty brand. So we set out to change women’s mindsets. We encouraged them to rock the look they were born with and showed how our products could enhance what they already love about it—no matter their hair type. In April 2015, we launched the brand’s first-ever digital campaign. Within five months, we surpassed all of our 9-month goals, and Engagement Labs named OGX one of the top beauty brands in the social media space, ahead of L’Oréal, Dove and Pantene.

Raymond James Marketing is the winner of the Financial Services category!

The Raymond James AdvisorChoice Campaign refresh was a strategic marketing initiative to deepen the value perception of Raymond James Financial in the minds of prospective financial advisors. This campaign took deliberate steps away from the primary consumer-facing Raymond James brand (while still maintaining a relationship) to infuse warmth, transparency and an easy ability for advisors to relate the messages to their day-to-day business.

Baycare  (Agency Partner Spark) is the winner of the Nonprofit Marketing category!

In Our Hands’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by BayCare encourages women to take ownership of their breast health. This campaign used real people and real stories to empower others to take their health, literally and figuratively, in their hands.

Visit Tampa Bay  (Agency Partner PP+K) is the winner of the Sports Entertainment Hospitality and Travel Marketing category!

In recent years, Tampa ’s craft breweries have surged into the national spotlight, gaining Tampa recognition as the Southeast’s premier craft beer destination.

Visit Tampa Bay recognized that the time was right to unify the area’s 18 craft breweries under a new banner—Bay Crafted—and invite craft beer enthusiasts from far and wide to come discover Tampa’s craft beer scene.

The experiential campaign Visit Tampa Bay created succeeded in every phase, and continues to bring visitors to explore Tampa’s many great treasures.

Monin, Inc.  (Agency Partner Dunn & Co.) is the winner of the B2B Products and Services category!

The new website integrates both B2B solutions and product information with the B2C side of e-commerce, promotional initiatives and social media.  After 12 months of research, strategic planning, design and development, the new site was launched in October 2015. The site has not only been enhanced aesthetically, but now delivers advanced search-ability, more resources for users, optimized and relevant content, an improved user experience and a faster checkout process.

Bluleadz is the winner of Public Relations or Advertising Firm Self Promotion AND Professional Services categories!

Eric Baum is the CEO of Bluleadz. Bluleadz started out in 2009 as a website design, SEO, and PPC agency. Upon discovering HubSpot, they went “all in” with inbound marketing. As it turns out, they were ahead of the curve at the time and continue to be pioneers in the industry today. Our team members are creative, innovative, and passionate, but most of all they care about their clients’ success. Bluleadz truly embraces inbound marketing in everything they do. The opportunity to grow as an agency came rapidly with the upturn on organizations that wanted and needed inbound and website design services. Bluleadz saw the opportunity to be able to work with HubSpot effectively, as a Partner, to enable clients to hit goals. Bluleadz is now one of the top agencies in the HubSpot Partner Program.

Entravision Communications – Univision Tampa Bay is the winner of the Minority and Women Owned Business Marketing and Media Entity Self Promotion categories!

Entravision Communications is a diversified media company serving Hispanic audiences and communities with an integrated platform of solutions and services that includes television, radio, digital media and data analytics to reach Hispanic audiences across the United States and Latin America.

Entravision Communications  in conjunction with Tampa Bay’s Spanish-language Broadcast Leaders Univision, UniMás and LATV Tampa Bay created a comprehensive educational outreach marketing program called Pregúntale al Médico (in English Ask the Doctor)  to educate and increase awareness among Tampa Bay Hispanics on the healthcare system.

Pregúntale al Médico not only educates the growing Hispanic community, but also creates a unique interactive opportunity for local healthcare providers such as doctors, medical groups and hospitals to make an emotional connection with Tampa Bay Hispanics, while increasing their brand awareness and new patient base.  Your business is the wellbeing of your patients, and Pregúntale al Médico will connect and educate your consumers and will let them know on all levels that you care and want to make a difference in their lives.

Social Business Engine (Agency Partner Find and Convert) is the winner of the Technology Products and Services category!

From the “practice what you preach” files, here’s a digital marketing agency who set out to show their clients how to build a dedicated media property to attract new business, by actually building a dedicated media property and creating new business from it!

Noble New Gen Tangerines (Agency Partner Odato Marketing Group) is the winner of the Retail Marketing category!

This is the story of a family company taking on the lifetime endeavor (28 years long) to create new varieties of citrus, taking the Florida citrus industry on its back and helping to resurrect it. W.G. Roe is bringing 3 new varieties to market, and will grow, pack and market 3 additional varieties created by the state or federal breeding programs. The program created by W.G. Roe and Odato Marketing Group helped sell out the entire 2015 crop of new tangerines, AND has already sold out the 2016 crop–a 25% increase–all at a 22% price premium, while adding more than a half million new tangerine trees to boost Florida’s citrus industry.