Tampa Bay Bucs Marketing – Join Us To Learn More

Clear your lunch calendar on October 18th for a trip into the future of Experiential Marketing with the CMO of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


This offer is too good to pass up, so don’t sit this one out on the bench. For the price of a nice lunch you will be immersed into the future of experiential marketing’s newest frontiers. We’ll huddle up with Brian Killingsworth at the Bucs Facility to hear about cutting edge techniques and technologies to engage and delight current and potential customers – AKA fans – if we’re doing a great job at marketing.

Brian will discuss the Buc’s “disruptive” mindset and share their Hall of Fame Club success using Virtual Reality interactive facility tours to sell Luxury Suite packages in record time.

Think football is a man’s game? Not really, as nearly 50% of NFL fans are women. Brian will share the Buc’s focus on developing women and families as their core fan base in the future, and how they employ neuro-marketing technology to generate scientific feedback that enhances the effectiveness of ad campaigns to target and develop this demographic.

You may have heard about the recent renovations at RJS, but Brian will share the 360 degree videoboard technology that will bring the latest video and sound technology to the on-site fan experience.

And don’t forget about that smartphone in your pocket – the Bucs haven’t. Brian will explain how the Bucs new Application will allow fans to participate during games at a level only imagined until recently.

Football may be about X’s and O’s on the field, but if you want to win in the experiential marketing game then register today to learn how.