Apps for Marketing Gurus

by, Chiara I. Tedone

There are quite a few apps useful to marketers. The apps listed here focus on organizing information, managing social media, managing contacts, blogging, and web analytics/SEO. This list only scratches the surface in terms of informing marketers about useful apps. However, the apps on this list can be useful to almost any business.

  • Evernote will help you collaborate with peers, organize information, and securely save information in the form of notes, pictures, and web clippings. All of the information you save in Evernote will remain searchable. Information will sync across all of your mobile and desktop devices and you can access it offline as well. This app can help streamline marketing and communication efforts and can aid project coordination and peer to peer communication between team members working remotely, which makes it a marketing team’s dream! Evernote is also compatible with video conferencing software to enable note sharing and a variety of other business software.
  • Flawk and Hootsuite are useful to social media marketers. Flawk will allow you to host live Twitter Q&As with your followers. Hootsuite will enable you to update multiple social media accounts simultaneously and pre-schedule updates.
  • With Contacts+, marketers can easily maintain relationships with clients and other useful contacts. The app links those in your contact list to social and communication networks and allows you to send messages through one of many platforms by syncing the contacts’ profile data and contact information.
  • Feedly & Buffer are two blogging apps that work well together. Feedly is an RSS reader. When using it in conjunction with Buffer, you will be able to read your blogs on Feedly, pre-schedule your blog sharing on Buffer, and do it all from your phone!
  • iAnalytics brings Google Analytics to iPhone users.
  • Spydermate SEO Score Card is another SEO/analytics tool that will score any domain name based on the following data: Domain Authority, Unique Domain Backlinks, Google US Traffic Value, Google US Keywords, Facebook Shares, Twitter Shares, Google+ Shares & Domain Age. The overall SpyderMate SEO Score reveals the percentage of web sites performing worse than the domain that was scored, which is a good way to perform a quick assessment of your competitors’ sites.
  • Analytic, another SEO app, tracks website visitors’ bounce rate, average time on site, average pages per visit, and page views. It reveals visitors’ operating systems and browsers and the countries from which they access your site. It also records whether visitors come from direct traffic, search engines, or referring sites.
  • Website SEO Analyzer generates individual SEO reports on a URL and will provide a breakdown of on-page SEO including Meta data, page headings, images, and alt tags. The app will provide details on the domain, its age, site location, and number of indexed pages. However, it does not provide continuous real time analytics like some of the other apps do.