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AMA Tampa Bay members gathered to hear advertising expert Scott Sheinberg, Executive Vice President of 22squared, discuss Super Bowl Advertising. We watched 16 ads and voted on one winner. With many years of experience as a creative director, Scott educated all of us on what makes a good Super Bowl ad, and here are the main components:

(1) Attitude – An advertiser’s attitude should match the attitude of the brand in question to ensure that the ad fits with the brand. As Scott said, “If the focus is too much on the nitty gritty details of the ad, it’s easy to lose the big picture and to create an ad that doesn’t fit with your brand. At this point, the ad isn’t genuine and audiences notice it.”

(2) Enjoyment – An advertiser must aim to ensure that two audiences enjoy the ad. These two audiences are the company and the company’s current and potential customers. In other words, if a client enjoys an ad, this doesn’t always equate to the client’s customers enjoying it. Catering to both audiences is key.

 (3) Entertainment With a Purpose – Super Bowl Ads must be entertaining, but must have a clearly defined purpose that is evident throughout the ad. Many brands attempt to entertain without a purpose, and this results in ads that are humorous, but confusing. We all may laugh during this type of ad, but an hour after watching, we will have forgotten what the brand was and what the ad was promoting.

 (4) A Background Sentence – A great Super Bowl ad should have a main message that can be summed up in a single sentence that fits with the values of the brand. Trying to communicate too many main messages at once often results in an ad outstaying its welcome on the screen.

Heinz Super Bowl Ad: The AMA Tampa Bay Winner

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.37.08 PM

The Winning Commercial

After we all put our marketing minds together and voted, the Heinz commercial was the winner! (Check out Hyundai too, which came in at a close second.) How can you beat a bunch of Dachshunds dressed as hot dogs enthusiastically running through a field on their short wobbly legs? The commercial only became better when the “hot dogs” reached a group of actors dressed as Heinz condiments, jumped on them, and licked them to death (OK, not really to death, but close). The commercial clearly hit the four elements above.

The attitude of the commercial was playful and fun. That matches the attitude of Heinz, a brand known for making condiments that pair well with, “fun food” (hot dogs, burgers, fries, etc.). The enjoyment factor was achieved because the commercial was not only cute, but was also amusing. The entertainment the commercial provided had a clear purpose: to show that Heinz condiments pair well with hot dogs and other similar types of food.

Ryan Reynolds in the Hyundai Commercial

Ryan Reynolds in the Hyundai Commercial

Lastly, the main idea could be summed up in one background sentence: “Heinz is food’s best friend,” or “Heinz and food are a great pair!” Congratulations to Heinz…and its adorable army of Dachshunds! If you’d like to see another commercial that includes the elements above, watch this Publix commercial, by 22Squared. It will surely win your mind and heart!

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