AMA Event Recap: 4 Marketing Trends Brands Can Not Ignore

Just in case you missed it last week, Bernie Borges delivered an excellent and informative presentation about marketing trends you need to be paying attention to:

  1. Social Business
  2. Employee Branding
  3. Delivering Experiences
  4. Data Driven Marketing

Here are some key takeaways from Bernie's talk:

Social Business

"The entire organization should understand their role and participate in the marketing process."

This means your entire team (including your C Suite) should be committed to content strategy, engaged with fans on social media across all platforms and dedicated to analyzing the metrics to form new strategies for moving forward.

Employee Branding

"Organizations should create guidelines and boundaries to encourage employees to develop their brand in such a way that both parties benefit – the employee and the employer."

Businesses should embrace employee branding as a means to extend the brand's reach. This includes encouraging employees to have their own personal blogs and digital presence. 

Delivering Experiences

"Consumers want to experience your brand, not just read about it."

Finding a way to touch each consumer on a personal level across multiple channels is key to driving sales and excitement about your brand.

Data Driven Marketing

"The pressure on marketing executives to measure the impact of their marketing plans is greater than ever before."

The key to being successful is to know your tools and ensure that they measure data across all marketing channels.

Want to know more?

You can download Bernie's presentation here and read more on his blog here.


Bernie Borges is CEO of Find and Convert and faculty member of The American Marketing Association, where he teaches social marketing workshops. Bernie also delivers public webinars on Social Networking for Career Advancement, LinkedIn for Marketing and Sales Professionals. You can follow him on his two blogs: OptimizeThis and Career Central.