Adding Value through Customization

One need not be a control freak to have an innate yearning to have some sway over the world. When it comes to the things that people spend their hard earned money on, they not only have a yearning but a sense of entitlement pertinent to their purchases. People simply want to have things that are tailored to their personal needs and interests. In essence customization is an important factor in putting together a product or service.

Empower Your Customers

Allowing a purchaser to customize a product can be all it takes to position your company as being innovative and customer centric. It lets people have what they want or need on their own terms. You see it every day at restaurants as people ask for ingredients to be held or added to dishes. You have even seen companies such as Dell make a name for themselves by allowing customers to order computers that are built entirely to spec. This really differentiated them in their early days while they were building their name. Gamers could order PCs with sound and video cards that an accountant would have no use for on their laptops. It helped them to create a highly respected brand.

Technology Driven Trend

Advances in technology have allowed product customization to be attainable from both a cost and logistical standpoint. Developments in programming and web technology have made putting together an e-commerce site that lets customers choose multiple features as simple as taking an order was in the late 80’s. Developments in technology related to equipment and manufacturing have made it possible to produce thousands of similar yet customized products realistic from a cost standpoint.

If you have clients that sell or manufacture products, customization might just be the factor that is missing from your next SWOT analysis. It is more than an opportunity; it is a profitable reality. Clothing retailers can definitely stand to benefit from this trend. Choosing which print to put on what color t-shirt is a simple way to ensure that people get the exact look they are going for in their wardrobe. Letting customers choose mix and match Coca-Cola products at a restaurant is not only customizable but fun. There is no reason that you should not be thinking of ways to turn your clients offerings into personally customized possessions. It adds value for the customer and can increase your client’s sales along with your billing.

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