6 Principles for Social Media Success

Make social media work for you.

There are many components that can spell success for your business or brand through social media. The key is to figure out which platforms most of your customers use and be actively social. Here is a list of six principles for social media success.

1. Content. This is the most crucial part of social media. Most want content that is quick, funny, inspirational and/or pleasing to the eye. Know your audience and produce quality content versus quantity.

2. Engagement. When someone asks a question on your social media page, you should answer. At the same time, make your audience feel like you want to get to know them. Ask their opinion. You'll not only please your readers, you'll gain some valuable insight on their interests as well.

3. Customer Service. Many people turn to social media pages for customer service. Turn negative feedback into an opportunity to reach out to your customer and make it right. Use this to your advantage and word will spread about the great service you provide.

4. Advertising. It's your page, so let everyone know what you can offer. Be careful not to overdo it by inundating your readers with ad after ad. That won't seem as genuine and your audience will notice.

5. Tracking measurements/analytics. Find out how often your pages are visited, what lead them there, and how long they were there. You can also gauge which type of posts get the most views, whether it's pictures or text.

6. Automating workflow. You don't necessarily have to post things live on social media. Develop an automated system that can help alleviate and organize your workflow.

You may be using social media to take orders, answer questions, to find prospective customers or to figure out what future trends will be. No matter how you're involved, make sure to use social media to your advantage. 

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