5 Marketing Best Practices for Small Businesses

Don't let being a small fish in a big pond intimidate you when it comes to marketing your business.

It may seem daunting and overwhelming at first, but these best practices can help you successfully market your small business on a larger scale. Following these tips will help you make it through an uneasy beginning and have you well on your way to seeing profits.

1. Identify your target audience. Once you know who your services are geared toward, you will be better able to market to them. If your audience is older, try advertising in newspapers, newsletters and community boards. If your audience is younger, focus on digital ads and social media.

2. Do daily promotion. No matter what advertising outlet you use, get out there and market your business every day. Set up a mailing list of those interested in your product or services. You're in control of your outreach, so make it a top priority so that you can reach more potential customers.

3. Use social media. Create a Facebook page that provides contact and location information for your business and stay in touch with your customers by responding to questions and posting regularly. Start a LinkedIn page, sign up for Twitter and see if Pinterest or any other platforms have something to offer. Look into online ad costs and arrange your budget accordingly.

4. Listen to your customers. Find out what they would like more of from your business and take negative feedback into consideration. This will make them feel special and they will appreciate the recognition. Be flexible and accommodating, if you can, and your loyal customer base will remember.

5. Be yourself. The more authentic and honest you are, the more customers you will attract and retain. People like to reward companies with their business, so being genuine will only be to your benefit.

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