3 Notable Marketing Campaigns from January 2016

3 Notable Campaigns in January 2016!

Below you will find three notable marketing campaigns that are in full swing this month! Each campaign is remarkable in its own way, but all three are using technology to gain more exposure.

  1. Personalizing Messages

Toyota launched a new Facebook campaign that serves custom videos/messages to users based on their likes and interests.  This involves data from Facebook profiles and interchangeable video clips to create the necessary versions.  The result for Toyota is promoting the RAV4 “while also addressing the interests of the viewer with customized content based on their Facebook history,” according to this article.  One example, described here says that someone interested in scuba diving might see a Toyota message about “your next adventure”.  This is significant because they created more than 100 short video clips centered on different hobbies to reach this hyper-targeted experience for the user.

  1. Creating Audience Engagement

H&R Block, the world’s largest consumer tax preparation company, launched its new campaign this month that is targeting the millennial generation and includes a “1,000 Win $1,000 Daily Sweepstakes”.  Their quirky new ads began airing earlier this month and the campaign will continue with a mix of TV and digital media, according to this article.  However, it’s the social component of their campaign that is most noteworthy.  They are encouraging people to use #mygrandplan to share how they would use an extra $1,000.  People are sharing their stories, as seen here!  This is a perfect example of how a hashtag campaign can create conversations, build excitement for the sweepstakes, and promote their brand to new users.

  1. Promoting Tampa Tourism

Visit Tampa Bay recently launched an international campaign to promote the city as a winter destination – especially to enjoy “Gasparilla season”.  The season spans two months of beautiful weather with parades, races, cultural events, and more!  The word is spreading into countries such as England, Canada, and Germany (and some US cities too).  The German campaign includes a 30 minute video program and the Canadian campaign focused on the hockey fans during a Maple Leafs/Lightning game in Toronto.  This Saturday, the Gasparilla Pirate Invasion will be streaming live in London taxis!  “We want to make them wish they were here,” said Santiago Corrada, president and CEO of Visit Tampa Bay.  Click here to learn more.  As a side note, you can join over 40,000 others on the Gasparilla’s Facebook Page.

By Alison Clinton

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Alison joined the AMA Tampa Bay volunteer team this year as Digital Content Curator and Blog Writer.  She is also Director of Marketing at Bright House Networks in St. Petersburg.