2018 Marketer of the Year Q&A

It’s nearly that time again – the time to start thinking about your company’s results-driven work that could make you the next Marketer of the Year! With our submission period opening soon, we sat down with our VP of Marketer of the Year, Ariel Gibbs, for a Q&A session and a sneak peak at what to look forward to for this year’s awards!

What are you most looking forward to for this year’s MOY?

This year’s event will be elevated at all levels – from the branding to the submission process to the promotion to the event itself. The marketing community in Tampa Bay is thriving and we know we will get some fantastic submissions that will give this year’s award winners an even more prestigious level of achievement.

What’s new or changed from last year?

We’re raising the bar across the board! The submission process will be easier and we will have a more clearly defined set of categories. We listened to the feedback of this community and have taken strides to make sure every aspect of MOY is executed with excellence.

Who judges the submissions?

We actually partner with another AMA Chapter not in our market to judge our market’s entries. That way, there is no bias involved.

When can we apply?

Submissions open in November. Keep an eye on your email and social channels for details!

When can we secure our tickets?

Tickets to the awards will be open for purchase in January!

What are this year’s categories?

Based on popular demand, we’ve simplified our categories and provided specific descriptions to help applicants determine which categories they would like to submit for:

  • Print Media
  • Mass Media/Broadcast
  • Digital Marketing
  • B2B Marketing
  • Non-Profit Marketing: Small Network
  • Non-Profit Marketing: Large Network
  • Student Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Market Research

Keep an eye out for more details coming soon, and start thinking about your submissions!