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Neuromarketing – The new brain science promoting ideas, products and change

May 26, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Neuromarketing – The new brain science promoting ideas, products and change

Attention, Persuasion, Obsession - The new brain science promoting ideas, products and change presented by Rich Odato and Edward Barr

Rich & Ed will share with you:

How the brain rations attention

The most important biases driving customer behavior

How to promote ideas, products and change using this knowledge

2021 06 Sarasota

About this event

This event is about three things that can build your career, fulfill your desires, or even save your life: attention, persuasion, and obsession. Those who excel at these things thrive, while those who do not, struggle. Whether you are a marketer, a business leader, a politician, building a new non-profit, third from the bottom in a stack of 200 resumes, or addressing countless other roles, challenges, and objectives, this knowledge will help you become more effective. By improving your understanding of brain science and human nature, you will learn to develop the concepts, words, phrases, visuals, and tactics that help you gain attention in a crowded and noisy world.


Rich Odato

Rich Odato
Rich Odato, founder and president, of Odato Marketing Group. Odato Marketing Group is a 12x AMA Marketer of the Year and 2x Grand Marketer winner. We're proud to say we were doing content when content wasn't cool, and video marketing before YouTube went HD. While we focus on driving revenue and growth, we never lose sight of the big picture -- building valuable brands that excite customers, engage teams, and thrive in disruptive times. Clients include market leaders and challenger brands: hospitals, universities, B2B and specialty manufacturing companies, healthy consumer products and more.

Edward Barr

Edward Barr
Edward Barr, author, and professor, Carnegie Mellon University, former CMO. Ed has served as CMO for a Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) start-up and in other corporate marketing executive roles. An AMA Pittsburgh "Educator of the Year" winner, Ed has taught at CMU for over 25 years and has taught executives all over the world. He has an active consulting practice, as well, and is the author of several books.