Diversity in Marketing and Advertising Award

This portion of the competition will invite local marketers who address(ed) issues through their campaign relating to any disenfranchised group – BIPOC, generational, gender, cultural, disabled individuals, and the inauthentic and sometimes clichéd portrayals of different groups within current creative ads, platforms, and marketing. 

The campaign should demonstrate a commitment to ensure representation and inclusion remain a priority across various campaigns and platforms, above and beyond national holidays or recognized date content (i.e., Hispanic Awareness Month, International Women’s Month). A winning campaign recognizes the vital importance of continuously challenging perceptions and encouraging better representation and authenticity in marketing, and advertising.

Other Categories

B2B Marketing

The B2B Marketing Award honors the best marketing campaign targeted at B2B conversions. The campaigns submitted may include any form of marketing; traditional, digital, or otherwise. Apply Today Other Categories…

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Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Award recognizes a marketing campaign with a focus on implementing a content strategy to share a narrative resulting in conversions. Submissions must seamlessly integrate various direct communication…

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Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Category awards a marketing campaign that utilizes any form of digital marketing including email, online display, online video, social media, SEO, SEM, blogs, or a holistic combination…

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Educator of the Year

The Educator of the Year Award is given to a Tampa Bay area educator who has made a difference in the lives of students, as nominated by their peers, colleagues,…

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Event Marketing

This award recognizes excellence in the promotion and execution of a special event (gala, fundraiser, trade show, conference, pop-up, etc.) to market a brand or message-based in Tampa Bay. Events…

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Feel-Good Marketing Campaign

This new category will recognize an inspirational Marketing campaign that created good vibes and happiness to a brand’s messaging while uplifting the Tampa Bay community. Did your campaign harness joy…

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Grand Marketer of the Year

The Grand Marketer of the Year Award is our most coveted award of the evening, and is given to the top scoring entry among all categories. Other Categories B2B Marketing…

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Hall of Fame

The AMA Tampa Bay Hall of Fame recognizes a venerable local brand that has distinguished itself in the marketing community for its excellence. The AMA Tampa Bay Board of Directors…

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Immersive Marketing Campaign

This new category highlights immersive marketing experiences. How did your organization leverage emerging technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D design to reach your audience and bring…

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Non-Profit Marketing

The Non-Profit Marketing Award honors a marketing initiative executed for or by non-profits that have a presence in Tampa Bay and use marketing dollars to reach a regional, national, or…

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