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10 Ways to Get More “Likes” on Your Facebook Page

Does your Facebook page resemble a ghost town these days? Use these tips to attract followers and increase interaction: Establish a fan base with friends first. It’s intimating to be the first one to like a page. If you are just starting out with Facebook’s pages, create a foundation by asking your friends and family

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5 Ways LinkedIn Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re looking for a way to build an online presence for your business, signing up for the social networking site LinkedIn might be your first step. Unlike other internet social scenes, such as Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn is designed specifically with businesses and professionals in mind. You won’t need to wade through seas of

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Where to Purchase and Display Online Advertising

As more readers move from printed newspapers and magazines to online sources, online advertising should become an increasingly important figure in your marketing efforts. If your ideal client base is online, your company needs a presence there too. Reaching potential customers where they already are – their most frequently visited websites and online services –

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