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Local Branding: What I learned from Tampa Bay Business Journal (TBBJ)

Small Business Saturday is long gone, but that tiny jewelry store on Main Street is still your bread and butter and people seem to pass by without noticing it. So what do you do? You get with the program: create profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to promote your business. You spend endless nights online

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Email Marketing Basics for Beginners

Use email marketing as a tool to expand your customer outreach. If you're not very computer savvy, it's ok; you don't have to be. Don't let something you don't yet understand deter you from promoting your business. Think of it as a challenge and remind yourself that even though the method may be new to

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5 Marketing Best Practices for Small Businesses

Don't let being a small fish in a big pond intimidate you when it comes to marketing your business. It may seem daunting and overwhelming at first, but these best practices can help you successfully market your small business on a larger scale. Following these tips will help you make it through an uneasy beginning

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