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Meatloaf Rebranding Finale: How to Make Meatloaf More Exciting

  In attempt to help our buddy, American Meatloaf rebrand himself, we have looked at many beloved loaves around the world as exemplars in hopes that our Loaf will gain some inspiration from his foreign cousins. We have looked at loaves in England, Italy, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Iran, and the Philippines and, wow, did we

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Meatloaf Rebranding Underway: Part 4 – Iran

In our ongoing Meatloaf rebranding mission (Meatloaf is affectionately known as Loaf), we have studied Loaves in Bulgaria, Germany, France, Italy, and Britain. Loaf was dead set on going on a world tour to chase stardom because he wasn’t sure he could accomplish that in the U.S. We finally convinced Loaf that he doesn’t have to

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