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Visual marketing and communications: Setting your plan in motion

By Mike Stephenson   More than 60 percent of marketers and small business owners say they plan to invest more in video marketing this year.  Visual marketing and communications are surging in importance as we’ve discussed in parts one and two of our series for AMA Tampa Bay. In our final installment, we’ll look at

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Visual marketing and communications: How to make photos and graphics

By Mike Stephenson With visual marketing and communications becoming dominant, more and more companies are focusing on the how to of incorporating visual content into their efforts to get their message out. “As we continue on in the next couple years, the need for visual storytelling is going to become greater …” Indiana University Health

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2016 Presidential Election Marketing Lessons

As marketers, the 2016 Election offers a dynamic view of the evolution of social media and data-driven initiatives. Brand managers jump to the campaign trail to learn the best practices from the “the wildest and most outrageous presidential election cycle in decades,” according to Adweek. While social media’s transforming role in this election needs to be addressed, is there more to know about campaign marketing for 2016?

Event Recap – IKEA’s Approach To Marketing Intelligence

AMA Tampa Bay welcomed Mary Lunghi, IKEA’s Market Intelligence Director, as its featured speaker at the Centre Club on April 21st. Ms. Lunghi provided the more than 100 attendees a look at how the global furniture company uses consumer research and analysis to shape its customer journey. IKEA’s beginning and why having an outside-in vs.

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Member Spotlight: Wes Strickland

AMA Tampa Bay’s Member Spotlight: Wes Strickland, Vice President of Marketing at Grow Financial Federal Credit Union A monthly feature for our members to learn from the insight and experiences of other members Wes, what is your professional background and current position? WS:  I’ve been in marketing for 26 years and enjoyed every role I’ve

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3 Notable Marketing Campaigns from January 2016

3 Notable Campaigns in January 2016! Below you will find three notable marketing campaigns that are in full swing this month! Each campaign is remarkable in its own way, but all three are using technology to gain more exposure. Personalizing Messages Toyota launched a new Facebook campaign that serves custom videos/messages to users based on their

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How to Use PR to Gain Attention

Even novice entrepreneurs understand the power of advertising. Paid exposure can work as an effective and far-reaching tool to familiarize the public with a company name. Few people go into business without expecting to fork over a little money for advertisements, but this isn’t the sole route to success. Skilled public relations (PR) can spread

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Building a Reputation as a Thought Leader: Penetrating the Speaker Circuit

A few weeks ago we looked at strategies to get your name in print. This week, we’ll look at another key component of thought leadership: breaking into the speaker circuit. Although public speaking ranks as the number-one fear in the United States, it garners considerable advantages for those who can swallow their anxieties and share

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Building a Reputation as a Thought Leader: Get Your Name in Print!

Establishing oneself as an industry thought leader makes marketing and sales a much easier task. For marketing executives, especially those who specialize in marketing for a specific vertical, gaining a following as a though leader can significantly improve one’s ability to reach target prospects. Although the process of asserting oneself as a true leader can

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