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5 Marketing Metrics You Should be Looking At

These metrics could be the guideposts that lead your business toward new growth. How do you determine the success of your business? While no metric alone can give you a full picture of your business' health and growth, tracking several metrics is the best way to make sure you are meeting your goals and finding

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Marketing Metrics: How to Make Them Matter (Part Two)

The task of building reliable and meaningful marketing metrics presents a significant challenge. David W. Stewart, professor at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, offers a timely perspective on how to make marketing metrics relevant. Last week we looked at his first six guidelines for metrics. This week, we’ll address

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Marketing Metrics: How to Make Them Matter (Part One)

Marketing has always been a difficult area to measure, yet remains undeniably indispensible to virtually every business.  As more tools become available, many marketing professionals find themselves surrounded by data.  Yet there are currently no real standards for determining which data are actually important; indeed many refer to marketing as the “dark science” because it

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