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Job Searching? Searching for Employees? Here are the top 6 Reasons why our new job Board Rocks!

Are you job searching? Have you heard about our Job board? The job board is a crucial step in the AMA Tampa Bay’s rebranding process. If you haven’t heard about our chapter’s ongoing transformation, you probably need to change your Internet provider.  Since early March, we’ve slowly been introducing you to the new logo in

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Six Tips for Your Marketing Resume

Seeking a career in marketing? Give your resume a boost with these helpful tips!  Rising above the pack to get noticed by a hiring manager may seem like a challenge, but instead, consider it a chance to sell a potential "client" on a winning brand: you! Make your marketing resume stand out from the crowd with

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Volunteering With AMA Tampa Bay

Volunteering with AMA Tampa Bay could be your key to professional development! Enhance your career, have fun, and build valuable connections at the same time? It sounds too good to be true, but it's not! When you choose to volunteer with the American Marketing Association, you get back more than you put in.  “Volunteering is

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