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Healthcare Marketing in Tampa Bay Needs to Focus on Patients as Consumers

By Mike Stephenson As healthcare marketing in Tampa Bay and elsewhere becomes increasingly competitive, Jim Jacobsohn advises doing what any marketer would do: “Think about your strengths … and advertise the heck out of them,” he told the crowd of nearly three dozen at the American Marketing Association of Tampa Bay Healthcare Shared Interest Group

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Building Your Brand in HealthCare

“Every brand makes promises. When a brand consistently fulfills its promises, it builds brand loyalty.” — Leke Alder, International Author To successfully build or redefine your healthcare brand, there’s a single component you must identify before you start — your brand platform. What is a brand platform? A brand platform establishes a foundation on which

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Goal-Setting For Marketing In Healthcare & Beyond

Setting marketing goals is an art. It requires a delicate midpoint between achievable milestones and unattainable dreams. If you allow it, setting and maintaining goals can be a somewhat torturous deliberation. Understanding that the key to success is not in squashing goals and moving on but in setting them so that each marketing effort serves

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