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Russ Klein Introduces 4 Marketing Practices to Give Your Strategy a Boost

As marketers, some of us have heard of design targeting, tension advertising, social currency, and integrated marketing. What do they mean? Why do they constitute best practice thinking? American Marketing Association’s CEO Russ Klein coined several of these terms based on his own empirical research, observation, and experience, and has been a pioneer of thought

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5 Tips in Designing a Brand Identity

Developing your brand takes time, thought and creativity. A brand can consist of an entire corporation or just a single individual. And with that brand, you are telling the masses who you are and what your company is all about all in the context of a word, phrase or image. You also want the message

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How to “Captivate” a Captive Audience

The best marketers reach out to their audience by locating the places they go and activities they pursue. What kind of ad space could you purchase that your ideal customer wouldn't be able to miss? When you see an advertisement at the airport, gas station, or grocery check-out line, you have become a captive audience

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