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5 Online Marketing Strategies for the Restaurateur

Make your restaurant stand out with these online marketing strategies. Marketing means spreading a message, and online marketing allows businesses to share that message with customers on a personal level. How can a restaurateur make the most of marketing online? Here are five suggestions for effective online marketing strategies for restaurateurs: 1. Monitor your online

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5 Tips in Designing a Brand Identity

Developing your brand takes time, thought and creativity. A brand can consist of an entire corporation or just a single individual. And with that brand, you are telling the masses who you are and what your company is all about all in the context of a word, phrase or image. You also want the message

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5 Steps for Getting Publicity for Your Business

Learn how to avoid being left in the shadows and try these tips for getting good publicity for your business. Publicity, not to be confused with advertising, is something that can give your business's image a boost and put your name in the spotlight. They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity,

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