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How to Crowdsource Your Next Marketing Campaign

Power to the people! Let your customers give you ideas for your next marketing campaign. Crowdsourcing is a popular way to find out what your consumers and potential customers are interested in. Through social media, millions of opinions, both positive and negative, are flowing throughout the internet and businesses are paying attention. Allowing people to

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Making Big Data Useful

You may know about Big Data, but do you know how to make it useful for you and your business? Big Data is a phrase that's getting a lot of attention online and in business offices. Showing no signs of slowing, the need for data in marketing and advertising through social media is only going

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5 Marketing Metrics You Should be Looking At

These metrics could be the guideposts that lead your business toward new growth. How do you determine the success of your business? While no metric alone can give you a full picture of your business' health and growth, tracking several metrics is the best way to make sure you are meeting your goals and finding

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