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2016 Presidential Election Marketing Lessons

As marketers, the 2016 Election offers a dynamic view of the evolution of social media and data-driven initiatives. Brand managers jump to the campaign trail to learn the best practices from the “the wildest and most outrageous presidential election cycle in decades,” according to Adweek. While social media’s transforming role in this election needs to be addressed, is there more to know about campaign marketing for 2016?

Maximizing use of Content on Social Media: How to Create a lot From a Little

Imagine being told to create roughly 1,000 pieces of unique content from just 30. Imagine that your supervisors, your colleagues, and the public will judge the quality of your newly created content, and that the quality of your content will impact your company’s success. Welcome to the world of a social media manager. They face

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Why the Buzz on Snapchat?

Why the Buzz on Snapchat? From Marketing Land to Social Media Today, the coverage of Snapchat’s evolution is constantly in the news.  From the White House to the Emmy’s, Snapchat has been adopted for its fleeting but compelling visual experience and its strong connection with Millennials. Why all the hype? This was just a teen app

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3 Notable Marketing Campaigns from January 2016

3 Notable Campaigns in January 2016! Below you will find three notable marketing campaigns that are in full swing this month! Each campaign is remarkable in its own way, but all three are using technology to gain more exposure. Personalizing Messages Toyota launched a new Facebook campaign that serves custom videos/messages to users based on their

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Facebook: Interactive Articles

Facebook’s Instant Articles provide publishers the opportunity to insert fast, interactive articles in Facebook news feeds.    Publishers like the New York Times, Buzzfeed, and National Geographic were some of the first to use this when it launched earlier this year.  However, there was some concern voiced by users upon launch. Now, Facebook listened to the

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Storytelling Reinvented Through Video Marketing: Mad Bear Productions

Mad Bear is a video marketing and branding company that uses a mix of video and storytelling to artfully communicate a company’s message and create an emotional connection between a brand and its customers.   Storytelling for the Brand Storytelling is the art of pulling others into a new world. A skilled storyteller will captivate

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The Great Debate: Marketing vs. PR – An Event You Don’t Want to Miss!

Lincoln vs. Douglas, Kennedy vs Nixon, Obama vs. Romney, and now marketing vs. PR. Witness history in the making and join us on May 21st at Hilton Westshore to debate one of the most contested topics in our industry. In preparation for the debate we asked Chapter Presidents Jennie Jordan (AMA Tampa Bay) and Chad

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Apps for Marketing Gurus

There are quite a few apps useful to marketers. The apps listed here focus on organizing information, managing social media, managing contacts, blogging, and web analytics/SEO. This list only scratches the surface in terms of informing marketers about useful apps. However, the apps on this list can be useful to almost any business.

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Online Reputation

Building an online brand and earning a solid reputation takes a lot of time and energy, but it only takes one disgruntled customer with a large enough audience of their own to leave your name tarnished. Observing, maintaining, and improving your online reputation is a crucial priority for any brand. If your name needs some

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