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Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay

The influencer marketing industry has increased rapidly over the past few years. While some argue that the industry has become widely over saturated, influencer marketing is certainly here to stay. Influencer content is a form of testimonial advertising that establishes trust between the brand and consumer. Due to the changing behavior of consumers, influencer marketing

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Brand Storytelling Success: Columbia Restaurant Group

How to Improve a Good Thing… What a pleasure to attend AMA Tampa Bay’s July luncheon yesterday! While it had all the makings that attract seasoned networkers… good attendance, interesting topic, along with a cool venue, I quickly found myself jotting down notes, thinking “these are too good not to share!” Industry veteran, Michael Kilgore, CMO

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Digital Media – Is It Worth the Cost?

Digital Media – Is It Worth the Cost? Digital technology has made it easier and more efficient than ever for marketers to generate guaranteed, measurable results – especially when it comes to reaching niche audiences. Paid media is one of the more popular ways for companies to reach their consumers today. However, this form of

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What Voice Search Means for SEO in 2018

From asking Siri for directions to relying on Alexa for weather updates, people are using voice search more and more each day. According to ComScore, voice search will make up 50 percent of all searches by 2020. That’s why it’s important to start gearing your website toward voice search right now. You already know search

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Facebook Algorithm Change

Mark Zuckerberg’s Head Is On Fire (But Facebook Isn’t Dead)

Most of us have seen the doomsday articles about Facebook in the past few months and pictures of Mark Zuckerberg’s head on fire. What does this mean for us as marketers? “Something’s rotten in the state of Facebook.” “Something’s rotten in the state of Facebook.” (Shakespeare, anyone?) The drama surrounding Facebook’s newest algorithm change (explained

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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Your Marketing Job?

By Stephen Baglione Ph.D. Professor of Marketing and Quantitative Methods Henry Ford’s factories teemed with employees, and he paid them $5 to improve productivity and hope they would become customers.  Volvo’s new $500 million 2.3 million-square-foot factory in South Carolina will build up to 60,000 cars with less than 2,000 workers.  Between 2000 and 2010, the

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The Wild Side of Marketing – Lowry Park Zoo

Take a look at the Lowry Park Zoo Website to see how they position their brand and market their business. No matter what your product or service is, you can learn how to apply Lowry Park’s strategies to help you build your brand, deal with controversy, and grow sales.