Category: Market Research

Consumer Behavior

Understanding the way consumers think, act, feel and make decisions can be a great tool in marketing. Marketing strategies and campaigns can be improved or altered to effectively reach or influence the consumer, based on how research shows they think, feel, shop and so on. Issues Marketing Should Consider There are several consumer behavior issues

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Identifying Target Markets/Demographics

Successful businesses do not always need to attract a large client base. Many products and services appeal to only a small and devoted niche or market. Before you begin a marketing campaign, it is essential to identify what kind of customers you should be reaching out to. Once you determine the best demographic to target,

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Not in Retail? Consumer Habits Still Matter

Last week, we looked at the results of Deloitte’s annual Back-to-School Shopping survey. Results indicate that, although they’re nowhere near ready for spending freely, consumers have adopted a less pessimistic attitude about their finances. Retailers were especially pleased with this news, since it indicates a fundamental increase in consumers’ willingness to spend money. But what

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